JR Smith Contract: Cavs Guard Jealous Of Jeremy Lin?

JR Smith Contract: Cavs Guard Jealous Of Jeremy Lin?
JR Smith Erik Drost / Flickr cc
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JR Smith remains unsigned more than a month since the free agency period started. The sharp-shooting guard is expected to return to Cleveland Cavaliers, but there is also a chance he will bolt out of Northeast Ohio soon.


Smith, who averaged 12.4 points and 2.8 rebounds per game last season, is looking for a lucrative deal this summer. He has received an offer from the Cavs, but the mercurial guard wants more.

The 30-year-old is aware of the big deals most free agents received this season like the three-year, $38.3 million contract Jeremy Lin got from the Brooklyn Nets. According to Yardbarker, Lin’s contract could be one of the reasons why Smith is pushing for a bigger deal.

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Lin was a backup guard in Charlotte last season, as he played behind Hornets star Kemba Walker. Smith, on the other hand, started in all 77 regular-season games he was available. The veteran guard was also a big factor for the Cavaliers during their miraculous comeback in the 2016 NBA Finals against the Golden State Warriors.

Adding insult to injury, Timofey Mozgov, who spent the majority of last season on the bench, received a huge four-year deal worth $64 million from the Los Angeles Lakers. Backup point guard Matthew Dellavedova also signed a four-year, $38.43 agreement with the Milwaukee Bucks.

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These could be the main reasons why Smith has yet to sign a new contract. According to Basketball Insiders, the Cavaliers recently offered a $10-million per year deal, but the 12-year veteran wants more — probably similar to Lin or Mozgov’s deal this summer.

Cavaliers need not worry, though, as most analysts are still convinced that Smith will stay in Cleveland in years to come. It is likely a matter of reaching an agreement on the financial side and length of the deal. It is also worth noting that James expressed his desire to play with JR Smith again next season. Check the video below.

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  • Ray B

    Smith is worth about 7 mil. He isn’t a game changer, make 0.0 people better and is one dimensional.

  • LinFan17

    JR Smith was one of the players gave hard time to Jeremy Lin in New York. JR Smith does not want a contract smaller than Jeremy Lin. He believes he is more superior than Jeremy Lin.

    • Jonathan Hill

      No he wasn’t! Where did you get that from? I’m a Lin fan too but blaming other people just because he is jealous of a contract and was a teammate doesn’t make him bad. He wasn’t even one of the people mentioned by d’antoni, it was only Melo and Stoudamire.

      • LinFan17

        When Jeremy Lin got a contract from Rockets, JR Smith was the first one told the contract was ridiculous in the public.

      • Hulkhoganbodyslam

        got u there

  • CaliUSMC

    Nice click bait article..

  • KTAB

    JR did his self a disservice by not shopping around as soon as the clock struck midnight on free agency day. Now all the money has dried up and he’s at the mercy of Cleveland.

    • LinFan17

      Now JR Smith should know his value in NBA.

  • Hulkhoganbodyslam

    1) u dont put up qualitynumbers as a STARTING SG IN THE NBA. 2) your off court behaviors and reputations are a risk for any nba team. 3) you arent a game CHANGER WHEN IT COUNTS YOU DISAPPEAR IN CRUNCH TIME. 4) if you leave Lebron you will be expose as trash. melo protected you and lebron is protecting you.

  • loc vu

    JR time is up.
    ANYONE who sign this guy will GET ZERO production soon.
    2.8 rbs?
    – Chakalala Boom

  • Enlighten Inspired

    I mean they’re offering him $10 mil… That’s decent, he can try and set up a contract with a player option after next season to test the waters for more $. But don’t base your pay off of what the next man is getting… Stay in your lane. Lin is an $8 – 12 million-dollar player… Normally he probably would have gotten on the lower side ($8 – 10 mil) but the edge in his pay it is, let’s be honest, in part, due to his ability to draw a crowd and his popular appeal, especially in NY.
    Don’t hate on this man, worry about yourself JR… JR is a mess sometimes and I hope he just focuses on his game and keeping his life together.

    • Jez

      Serious? Delly is getting $9.4M to backup MCW and you think Lin is only worth $8M to $10M as a starter? In the new “TV money” contracts; $12M for a starting PG is a bargain. Heck, even Corey Joseph gets $7.5M to backup Lowry and he’s on old contract money.

      • Enlighten Inspired

        Yes, I think with the new TV deal Lin’s pay is about right. But the point is not to debate how much Lin is getting. The point is that Cleveland is offering JR decent pay to be on a championship team of James, Irving, and Love that don’t necessarily need him to function. Why bring up the next man’s contract? That sounds petty.

  • plansmaker

    JR is trash…
    Lebron James pick him out of garbage can.
    He can throw him right back in…