Journalist Ray Hanania Says Tyrant Series Is Driven By Anti-Arab Racism

Journalist Ray Hanania Says Tyrant Series Is Driven By Anti-Arab Racism
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Ray Hanania, Arab-American Palestinian Journalist, has described TV series “Tyrant” as anti-Arab and racist. He is not surprised that the series is produced by an Israeli. According to the journalist, greed, betrayal, tyranny and immorality is a story of Israel that would never be written by Howard Gordon.


He said, “Tyrant is one of the most racist and viciously hateful programs on American television, but that isn’t a lonely category in this country because racism, hatred, stereotypes and ethnic lies sell and make money for Hollywood.”

According to the journalist, the violence that we see in the streets of America is the result of the hate portrayed on national TV. The FX series “Tyrant” is just a part of that. According to him, Hollywood is fueling the country’s hate; otherwise, Gordon would not have been allowed to present such on television.

Hanania pointed out an incident that depicts the feelings of Americans. “Just this week, an ‘American’ cut-off a cab driver who ‘looked’ Middle Eastern and Muslims, and then proceeded to beat him to a pulp in Darien, a suburb of Chicago. It turns out the victim was not Arab or Muslim, but in this America, where education means far less than it did when our forefathers started to build this country, the victim was in fact a Sikh,” he pointed out in his blog.

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Ray has poured his thought in all possible words for the show. He mentioned, “Tyrant has everything that makes for a good program in America. It has hate. It has racism. The key actor, Ashraf Barhom, a Christian Palestinian with Israeli citizenship who was born in Galilee in Northern Israel, is a vicious tyrant with no morals and no scruples.”

According to the journalist, this kind of portrayal can only come from a “black-minded person.” In his words, “In a real life adaptation of Tyrant, Benjamin Netanyahu would be the vicious tyrant, and an honest Howard Gordon would make Netanyahu to be the war criminal that he really is.”

It seems that “Tyrant” has caused a lot of stir in the minds of people who believe differently. FX channel has already confirmed that it is not going to telecast a third season of the show. The future of Tyrant season 3 is already in doubt, and this can add more to it.

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