Josh Duggar: Facing Lawsuit For Using Another Man’s Photo To Lure Dating Prospects Online

Josh Duggar: Facing Lawsuit For Using Another Man’s Photo To Lure Dating Prospects Online
Photo: Josh Duggar / Twitter

Josh Duggar became a sexual slave and created scandals to the detriment and pain of his family. He put his career in jeopardy and now whatever is left of his reputation seems to go to naught. He is facing a lawsuit for allegedly using another man’s photo to lure prospects on an online dating site.


According to Daily Mail, Matthew James McCarthy sued the 19 Kids and Counting star for using his photograph on his profile. Duggar used the picture on his various social media accounts such as OkCupid, Twitter and the cheaters hookup site, Ashley Madison.

A New Trial For The Duggar Family

McCarthy wants to claim damages because the criminal act of the reality star led to his losses. His DJing job was greatly affected because of the scandal.

He claimed that his photo was stolen by Anna Duggar’s husband from his account and used it to create a fictitious OkCupid account, which is linked to his email account.

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Josh Duggar, the oldest of the Duggar siblings admitted to have molested girls when he was a teenager including his sisters. He also admitted cheating on his wife with whom he has four kids. His experiences as a teenager led him to become a porn addict. He entered a rehabilitation center to fight his addiction as per Movie News Guide.

His scandals led to the cancellation of the family TV show and the dwindling of his resources. At present, he works as a car dealer.

Lately, another bomb exploded in the Duggar family. The father-of-four was sued for using another man’s image as his own in an adultery promoting site. Does this recent news manifest that the actor was not totally delivered from his addiction? How will Anna accept another blow to their already deteriorating marriage?

Josh Duggar is a young and promising man but he destroyed all the best things in his life because of an insatiable fleshly addiction.

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