Josh Duggar Ashley Madison Hack: Infidelity, Pornography; Know All Details Here!

Josh Duggar Ashley Madison Hack: Infidelity, Pornography; Know All Details Here!
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Josh Duggar admits he had been cheating and is ashamed of the double life he had been living after reports of him maintaining two Ashley Madison accounts surfaced. In a statement he said he had been the biggest hypocrite ever.


Meanwhile, an earlier report noted that the first statement from Josh came with admittance that he had also been viewing pornography. However, that portion of the statement was now edited out.

As more of Josh’s illicit affair surfaced, rumors are already swirling that Anna is now considering divorce.

Josh Duggar: “I have been the biggest hypocrite ever”

“I have been the biggest hypocrite ever. While espousing faith and family values, I have been unfaithful to my wife. I am so ashamed of the double life that I have been living and am grieved for the hurt, pain and disgrace my sin has caused my wife and family, and most of all Jesus and all those who profess faith in Him,” Josh said in a statement posted in Duggar’s family website.

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“I have brought hurt and a reproach to my family, close friends and the fans of our show with my actions. The last few years, while publicly stating I was fighting against immorality in our country I was hiding my own personal failures,” he said.

“As I am learning the hard way, we have the freedom to choose our actions, but we do not get to choose our consequences. I deeply regret all the hurt I have caused so many by being such a bad example. I humbly ask for your forgiveness. Please pray for my precious wife Anna and our family during this time,” Josh said, ending his statement.

Michelle and Jim Bob said their “hearts were broken.”

“As we continue to place our trust in God we ask for your prayers for Josh, Anna, our grandchildren and our entire family,” Michelle and Jim Bob said.

Josh Duggar statement on Ashley Madison was edited

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Josh’s statement was first seen by People. In its report, People has quoted Josh as saying, “I have secretly over the last several years been viewing pornography on the internet and this became a secret addiction and I became unfaithful to my wife.”

However, the copy of the statement seen by Morning News USA does not include this portion anymore.

Michelle and Jim Bob masking a strong font over Josh Duggar controversy

A related report from People said that Michelle and Jim Bob described the situation as a “mess, it’s a whole mess.”

“We don’t even know what the truth is anymore. It’s insane,” Michelle was quoted as saying by a source who has spoken to People.

Another source close to the Duggar family said Josh feels he was thrown in a dark pit. “I would assume he feels like his life is ruined. It will be such a steep and practically impossible climb to come back from this,” the source told People.

As for Michelle and Jim Bob’s real feelings about the controversy, the source said, “It’s like he’s a completely different person from who they thought he was. They’re still trying to reconcile all that they know is good about Josh, whom they will always love and adore, with what they’ve learned now.”