Josh Barrett From ‘Home And Away’ Encountered Life-Threatening Accident In New Zealand

Josh Barrett From ‘Home And Away’ Encountered Life-Threatening Accident In New Zealand
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Jackson Gallagher may be playing bad boy Josh Barrett in “Home and Away,” but when it comes to real life, he also needs to face a lot of challenges in life. Jackson Gallagher recently faced a life-threatening moment where he needed to run for his life.


The bad boy of “Home and Away” was in New Zealand to ice-climb with friends. The massive boulders at Franz Josef Glacier came tumbling down on them and they had to run fast for their lives. Thankfully, no one was injured in the accident, but they will surely not forget. In the words of Jackson, “I’m not going to lie; it was scary and I was shaken up for a while afterwards.” The 25-year-old also mentioned, “But it hasn’t put me off being adventurous. It just reminded me of the beauty and power of Mother Nature. I love New Zealand and I can’t wait to come back and do some more hiking and climbing.” The near-death experience may have scared the actor but it cannot break him down.

Evie, his on-screen girlfriend played by Philippa Northeast, tries her best to make sure his character’s drug use does not turn into an addiction.

Gallagher said, “Josh has made up his mind that it is the only way he can get through (his exams). It’s up to him to hit rock bottom and only then will he realise that it’s not the way to go,” adding, “Evie makes it very clear that drugs are a deal breaker, so one of the long-term ramifications of Josh’s drug use is that he loses his relationship with Evie.”

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In real life though, Gallagher believes in working hard for studies and exams. He has participated in competitive horse riding owing to his skills acquired in his childhood. Before getting a chance in “Home and Away” he worked as a still photographer for Nowhere Boys and Miss Fisher’s Murder Mystery. As he describes himself, “My interest is storytelling and, depending on the project, sometimes I’m best suited to be in front of the camera, other times it makes more sense to be behind it.”

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