Jose Fernandez Cause Of Death: Alcohol Could Be A Factor In The Fatal Crash

Jose Fernandez Cause Of Death: Alcohol Could Be A Factor In The Fatal Crash
Jose Fernandez pitches vs. Mets Arturo Pardavila III / Flickr CC

Miami Marlins ace pitcher Jose Fernandez died in a boating accident on Sunday morning. It is still unknown at this point what led to the crash, but there is a new speculation that surfaced on Monday.


According to TMZ, sources confirmed that Fernandez was seen at American Social Bar & Kitchen an hour before the fatal crash. The said restaurant is reportedly a few distance away from the jetty crash site, where the 32-foot boat was found with three dead passengers, including Hernandez.

One source declined to give a straightforward answer when asked whether or not alcohol was served to Jose and his friends during their time in the restaurant. But a representative did confirm that Fernandez was indeed a guest in the restaurant was still at American Social at 2 a.m. ET. The boat was found at 3:30 a.m. on jetty near Miami beach.

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Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission spokesman Lorenzo Veloz said that there were no traces of alcohol and drugs inside the boat. But based on how the boat looked after the fatal accident, Veloz said that the vessel was likely running at full speed before it crashed.

“It does appear that speed was involved due to the impact and the severity of it,” Veloz said via ESPN. “It does appear to be that they were coming at full speed when they encountered the jetty and the accident happened.”

However, TMZ pointed out that nothing is final at this point. It is still unconfirmed whether or not alcohol was a factor in the incident, noting that initial assessments were likely based on physical evidences.

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“Officials have said at this point it does not appear alcohol was a factor in the crash,” TMZ noted. “But it appears that statement was based on a lack of visual evidence such as liquor bottles or beer cans. Toxicology results are pending.”

Do you think Fernandez and his friends was under the influence of alcohol before the dead accident?

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