Jon Snow Definitely Dead, Says HBO Executive

Jon Snow Definitely Dead, Says HBO Executive
Jon Snow Tribute Sayan Bhowmik / Flickr CC BY 2.0

Jon Snow is definitely dead, Michael Lombardo, HBO’s programming president, confirmed Thursday during a convention center in Edinburgh, Scotland. Kit Harrington, the actor who portrayed Jon Snow in a hit TV series “Game Of Thrones” told fans—after the shocking last season’s finale episode—several times he is not returning in season 6, but photos of him have been disseminated in a bid to keep his role alive.


Jon Snow is among the favorite characters of the TV show adaptation of George R.R. Martin’s “A Song of Fire and Ice.” Fans proposed a few ways on how Jon Snow can keep his role and even went further as to cite reasons why he could not be dead.

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Of the many theories proposed by fans, perhaps the one that Jon Snow is actually the bastard son of Rhaegar Targaryen stood out. In the novel, nothing has yet been revealed as to who his real parents are, but in the first season, it was hinted by Ned Stark—before he finally joined the journey towards the wall— that he would know who his mother was.

“Dead is dead as dead as dead,” said Lombardo in a press tour of Television Critics Association. “He be dead. Yes. From everything I’ve seen, heard, read, Jon Snow is indeed, dead,” he continued.

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