‘The Joker’ Solo Movie: R-Rated Scenes Ready?

‘The Joker’ Solo Movie: R-Rated Scenes Ready?
Joker Carol Verdonck / FlickrCC BY 2.0
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While it has been confirmed that “Suicide Squad” movie faced an editing process that wasn’t in audience favour, fans have been expecting Warner Bros. to release an uncut version along with the blue-ray similar to their move with “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.”


There have been speculations that Warner Bros. may not release the “Director’s cut” version for “Suicide Squad” movie. Fans are more disappointed as many scenes of Jared Leto as The Joker were cut from the theatrical print. However, can there be a R-Rated ‘The Joker’ solo movie based on the cut material?

Recently, a Twitter post revealed a glimpse of a scene from “Suicide Squad” movie. In the gif, fans can see The Joker in background bashing a person to the ground with his bat. The footage can be seen below.

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While this scene is part of the movie’s first act, there have been speculations that an extended version could possibly reveal an R rated violent footage of The Joker.

In an earlier interview, Actress Margot Robbie also revealed that many scenes of The Joker from Harley Quinn’s backstory were edited out as it was unnecessary with the main plot.

A list of the deleted scenes was posted on Reddit earlier by Naydawwwg. Check it out below. Currently, neither the studio nor David Ayer has confirmed them. Furthermore, the background violence from the below scene could have also been part of the movie.

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“Suicide Squad” movie has currently earned over 466 Million USD at box office worldwide. While it has been estimated to go further, Warner Bros. could release a director’s cut based on final earning report.

In other news, a fan recently uploaded a NSFW image, depicting the brutal punching of Batman that caused joker to replace his normal teeth with the metallic version. Click here to know more.

Apparently a complete list of the deleted scenes from Suicide Squad that we may or may not ever see. from DC_Cinematic

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  • Thomas Shea

    Expectation: They’ll make a dedicated Joker movie and cut all the scenes with the Joker in it before release. Pass… obviously no previews of DC movies can be trusted to actually contain scenes from the movie so… I’ll stick with Marvel.