Johnny Depp Ex-Wife Amber Heard Confirmed Gold Digger: ‘Justice League’ Movie Suffers?

Johnny Depp Ex-Wife Amber Heard Confirmed Gold Digger: ‘Justice League’ Movie Suffers?
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Amber Heard is feeling the heat with people hating the new photos of her portraying the role of Queen Mera in “Justice League”.


DC just released brand new photos of the upcoming movie “Justice League”, which show Amber Heard, Johnny Depp’s ex-wife dressed in attire fit for a warrior.

Mera is the Queen of Atlantis in the movie and while the pictures were supposed to pump up DC fans, reports IGN, and make them even more excited for the “Justice League” movie, the pictures are having the opposite effect.

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While a handful of people have appreciated the bold look that Amber Heard has been given in the movie, most of the others have condemned the pictures mainly because Amber Heard is the one embodying it.

Some people are of the opinion that the actress is talentless and the only way she managed to bag a role in such a big production was by creating media frenzy around her earlier this year when she accused Johnny Depp of domestic abuse.

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During the very public divorce that the two of them went through, Heard demanded that Depp pays her $7 million during the settlement.

This condition caused Depp fans to brand Amber Heard as a “gold digger” who had made up a false story to defame the “Pirates Of the Caribbean” actor in order to burn a large hole in pocket.

The actress hurriedly clarified that she was going to donate all the money received in the settlement to charity.

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An amicable settlement was finally reached when Depp agreed to pay the aforementioned money in installments to Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles and the American Civil Liberties Union, two of the charities supported by the “Pineapple Express” actress.

Even though Amber Heard played the victim in the public eye, she hardly received any support at the time of her divorce, much like she is enduring right now.

“Thanks for the heads up,” one of the users commented after seeing her picture, reports Celebrity Dirty Laundry. “Now I can ignore [the movie] and not pad her pocketbook.”

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There were yet others who thought that it is unbelievable that Amber heard could not hold up her own during the times Depp abused her physically, since she looked pretty brave in the pictures.

What do you think of Amber Heard starring in the “Justice League” movies? Do you think Heard’s negative publicity can harm the box office collection of the movie?

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  • havithreatendub4
  • Lina

    hahaha it is not the “negative publicity” that will harm the movie. It is the fact that she can’t act. She is a horrible actress. Even in the photo, she looks bored. And, yeah, being a disgusting humam being might have something to do with it, also.

  • mitty1

    She really miscalculated things, didn’t she? She actually does look horrible as Mera even though she’s really attractive when she’s done up. Oh wells. Karma and all that. I hope she just fades away really soon. Love ya Johnny. Hope you are well.

  • MissS

    The putrid stench of her dishonesty and arrogance will follow her to whichever gutter she ends up in now that she no longer has Depps coat tails to grasp a hold of. She can’t act, needs a truckload of makeup trowled on to look semi-attractive and is a miserable conniving bottom feeder who is nasty to everyone she comes across unless she deems them of worth to her advancement in some way, in which case she will then proceed to use them cruelly then discard them once she has depleted them of ebery vestige. Two faced, just like her coven of freeloading friends. The rocket dive back down to below rock bottom is going to be one swift and bumpy ride for her. Depp fans or not, no one should lie about DV and get away with it, thats what the majority of us are upset about. I’d be just as outraged if what she did happened to the neighbour I barely know across the street. Lets not forget the only person between the two who has ever been arrested for DV is Heard-she has a record as long as your arm, theres not even a whisper about DV on Depps side, only cabinet/furniture bashing (which does NOT equate to DV) in all his years in the public eye. Lying about such a serious matter and thereby setting back real DV victims decades ought to be punished, not celebrated and rewarded. Send her to prison-where she belongs. We can’t stand the sight nor stench of her.

    • mitty1

      Say it, say it Miss S!

      • MissS

        I’m sick of people saying “you’re just a Depp fan” NO I’m a fan of those true heroes who had to break out from a DV relationship against all odds, with most not believing them, and little to no support, who fought hard to make the way for stories like there’s to be heard, and don’t deserve to have their hard work and tears and pain set back decades, and their name dragged through mud all because 1 selfish woman thinks lying about it is no biggie so long as she gains millions and destroys a mans reputation. She’s disgusting either way-involvement with Depp or no involvment with him. People lke her need to be locked away so they can fully understand the damage they do to others and to protect others from their damage. A slap on the wrist and a celebrated role in a new movie is not setting a good example for others who might get the same idea as her. She is a disgusting person for what she has done, and she’s not even offered an apology. She owes all true DV victims an apology for her actions which only serve to belittle those who have gone through such a heart-rending ordeal. I’m never watching/supporting a film might happen to be involved.

        • mitty1

          She will never apologize. She’s a narcissistic sociopath. I wasn’t a huge fan myself, but have come to respect the man a lot for how he handled this mess with integrity. It is very telling that so many if his supporters are women that have escaped abuse. They can spot a victim and also an abuser like Amber. I’ve watched more movies of his lately than ever. He truly is one of the best actors of our time. I’m just so sorry his path had to cross with hers. Keep posting! You’re awesome.

          • Peachy

            Johnny also had great legal counsel with Laura Wasser who probably told him to keep quiet and let Amber dig her own grave which is basically what happened here.

          • meh

            I’m one of those women who have been abused and knew from reading the facts about the case that Amber was lying. I was not a fan of Depp until recently, and I have extreme sympathy for him due to what that evil woman has done to him. Being labeled an abuser when it’s not true is one of the most awful things a person can do to another. Many people don’t bother to read the facts about the case and will continue to assume that Amber was telling the truth. Amber actually abused a woman, yet her supporters keep overlooking this important fact.

          • mitty1

            I know! It’s just unbelievable. It isn’t difficult to grasp the truth here, yet people just read headlines and/or irresponsible journalism and believe an unbelievable tale.

  • kimba

    Horrible actress

  • coder336

    I’ll put this in ignore list unless they remove amber and put anything even animated character.

  • Sofia

    indeed Amber is talenteless, uncharismatic, a bad choice! And she is a shame using real DV victim

    • Jean two

      Apparently her character dies in the movie. I have heard.

      • meh

        Wow, I really hope that’s true!

  • Peachy

    “During the very public divorce that the two of them went through, Heard demanded that Depp pays her $7 million during the settlement. This condition caused Depp fans to brand Amber Heard as a “gold digger….” Sorry but Amber was being considered a gold digger from day one and her extortion letter to Johnny before she filed the dv charge proved it. As for the settlement, she didn’t “demand” that money. She wanted much more but had to settle for that because Johnny had evidence against her to prove she was lying about the abuse and what happened in Australia.

    • mitty1

      Exactly. Her initial demand was $50 mil, not $7 mil. She settled for a fraction, with her tail between her legs as stated below, because her lies were exposed and she was oh so scared.

  • J.

    She is a vile slithering snake. Will NOT be watching JL BECAUSE she is in it. Even if her part is small, I cannot stomach watching her bad acting. She can’t act, can’t sing and is definitely not likeable. WB made a bad, bad choice casting her. It WILL flop, why? Because she’s also a jinx.

    • mitty1

      Hi J. Lol. You tell the truth!

  • bv(FTD)

    Ms Heard’s negative publicity? She didn’t wield phones around, mistake red wine for morning coffe, or take up finger art. Just stop already. Mr. Depp is ill, but he is surrounded by sycophants so help will come too late.

    • Peachy

      Amber is the one with the criminal record of dv against her former girlfriend after she got physical in a airport and was arrested. As for finger art? Someone with a finger who would be gushing blood from the tip could not write a message in paint without one trace of blood dripping anywhere.

  • meh

    Amber is a terrible actress that should be replaced. She is clearly wearing a padded suit to make her look more muscular, so why not give the role to an athletic woman who is also a more talented actress? Giving Amber the role was a bad decision all around, and I will not see the movie if she is in it.

  • Angelpie

    Not defending Scamber by any means (as many here can tell you), but this articles is so inaccurate, it’s laughable. #1, she demanded MUCH MORE than $7 mil. That’s the LEAST amount he could have given her by law, and she only settled for that because he had so much evidence against her — i.e., 23 witnesses in his defense. #2, she had this role before she even filed for divorce and started all the DV accusations. She only got it because of Johnny, and it will likely be the last role she ever had.

    Still, I won’t punish the other actors or crew who worked hard on this film because of her. It looks like it’s going to be good. I’m also not going to punish my local theater, which is barely staying alive due to all the streaming and pirating of movies online now. I’ll go see it in the theater for them, and for Jason Mamoa, who I absolutely adore, and for the 8 other awesome actors like Ben Affleck and Willem Dafoe.

    From what I understand, she’s in this film for about 5 minutes. I’ll just boo during her part, but I’m not going to punish DC or anyone else because of her. SHE HAS CAUSED ENOUGH DAMAGE. I won’t let her damage anyone else.