Johnny Depp Amber Heard Apology: Is The Actress Really A Gold Digger? Know More About The $7 Million Alimony

Johnny Depp Amber Heard Apology: Is The Actress Really A Gold Digger? Know More About The $7 Million Alimony
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The Johnny Depp Amber Heard legal drama continues to unfold as they try to find an amicable resolution to their less than two-year marriage.


The latest bump in the court proceedings involved the “Friday Night Lights” actress’ lawyer Samantha F. Spector who withdrew a statement she issued when the former couple finally reached a $7 million financial settlement.

As if the retraction was not enough, the lady lawyer also expressed her regret to the “Pirates of the Caribbean” actor for releasing the controversial statement, which somehow put the couple in a bad light.

Spector’s apology was timely, as it helped clear the air on the real score between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard – particularly regarding rumors that the latter was supposedly a gold digger.

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According to the statement released by Spector and fellow lawyer Joseph Koenig, they were both “pleased” with the results of the case, adding their client “was finally vindicated in the Court of Public Opinion,” reported Entertainment Tonight.

However, Spector withdrew her statement later in the day, as the explained that the comments she gave out where made without the prior knowledge of the “Pineapple Express” star.

“The statement is untrue and we retract it, without qualification,” the lawyer’s retraction read. “My assertion that Amber Heard has been vindicated in the court of public opinion is not true.”

Sources who are privy to the case revealed that it was reportedly the “Alice In Wonderland” actor who asked for the retraction.

It can be recalled that a judge dismissed on Tuesday the domestic violence filed by the “Danish Girl” actress against the “Edward Scissorhands” star, according to People.

In its ruling, the court likewise terminated the temporary restraining order it issued against Johnny Depp, which has helped pave the way for a “win-win” settlement with Amber Heard.

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  • VilhelmR

    You’re really behind on this story. They settled almost two months ago.

  • Lucky Alexander

    Seriously? This is the ‘news’ we need to know? Do you live in a vacuum? You do realize there’s an election going on…right?

    • ALittleBitOfSomething

      Apparently the “journalist” who wrote this was in a coma for the last few months and missed the real ending to this saga. Considering a simple Google search could’ve cleared up the errors in this piece, I doubt the writer is even aware that this is a Presidential election year lol

  • Rhonda Stanton

    So much for proofreading.

  • Sweet_Fart_Deal

    Amber Heard’s team have obviously paid all these recycled copies of the same story to come out of many different internet publications. It’s always the same one sided biased fake stories trying to paint Heard as some kind and “hero” and “victim” when the truth is quite the opposite. Heard is the abuser with a record for it even. The damage has been done, she needs to give up and walk away, she failed in trying to make up disgusting lies. You have to ask yourself why she settled? because if she had any evidence she would have taken the man to court and filed a police report rather than selling her fake story to the gutter tabloids. She is lucky she isn’t in jail. We know she was forced into handing money over the charity, in other words she had no choice.

    • ALittleBitOfSomething

      She said she was going to donate when she realized all the bad press she had created for herself. The problem was, she hadn’t received the money yet. Hence the tantrum when he donated in her name — she had already received credit for donating, so why actually do it?

  • J.

    Duhhh of course she’s a gold digger. How else is she going to afford the crotch coke shooters. This story is old new and extremely boring because its rehashed/redundant and she just needs to fade away already. Johnny’s going to be better off without her and her slimy mooching friends, that for sure. Don’t go away mad, scAmber, JUST GO AWAY. Thanks 😉

    • meh

      Speaking of her slimy moocher friends, I wonder if Amber ditched them for her group of friends in London. Amber seems like the type of “friend” that would dump someone as soon as they no longer serve a purpose. I hope the moochers get desperate for money and sell the true story of Amber’s attempt to extort Johnny. As much as I would like Amber to disappear and never be seen again, I would love for the true story to be released.

  • ALittleBitOfSomething

    As flawed as this piece is, I did get another laugh out of Heard’s attempt to try this in a “court of public opinion”. At least she had the good sense to realize she never had a chance in a legal court, and made her lawyers retract the bit about “being vindicated in a court of public opinion” — since any comment section will show most people weren’t stupid enough to believe her bull.