John Saunders Cause Of Death: Tribute To Voice Of College Football, A Look Back At His Final Moments

John Saunders Cause Of Death: Tribute To Voice Of College Football, A Look Back At His Final Moments
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The College football broadcast has begun and a tribute for John Saunders has been made to honor him, as former colleagues and friends look back at his final moments.


Last month, the ESPN host was found unresponsive by his wife inside their home in New York. Despite calling 911 right away, the medical team was still not successful in reviving him, as he was declared dead at the age of 61.

On its official Twitter account, College Game Day re-tweeted a post by ESPN’s Rece Davis, which appeared to have pointed out that no one would ever forget the man.

“For two decades, John Saunders’ voice was synonymous with college football on ABC,” the 50-year-old host tweeted.

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Responding to the post of College Game Day, David Cutler shared that he “Will miss his voice on Saturdays. So professional and talented.”

As for Dr. Richard Kimble, the news was devastating for him.

“Truthfully, I actually teared up a little when @ESPN_ReceDavis talked about John Saunders on @CollegeGameDay RIP TV Friend, we miss you,” he wrote on Twitter.

For the fans who have followed him and admired his voice, John Saunders will surely be missed not just for his voice but also for his commentary.

While there have been no confirmation yet about the cause of his death, Hollywood Take suggested that it could be his diabetes.

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Following the well-respected host’s death, Stan Verrett has taken over. In an interview with, he shared some details about the final moments of John Saunders.

“I talked to John in D.C. a few days before he died,” Verrett said. “It was a short conversation. He asked how I was doing and said some nice things about our SportsCenter in Los Angeles.”

“Everything seemed fine. So when I heard the news a few days later, I didn’t believe he had really died,” he added. “I thought it was some sort of a horrible mistake. It was really tough to handle.”

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As the replacement of John Saunders, Verrett committed to give his “absolute best” especially that he knows that the late host truly did a great job.

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    sad loss

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    Yes, Dr Richard Kimble is indeed devastated. What with being framed for the murder of his wife by a one-armed man and then hounded by Tommy Lee Jones for 90 minutes.

    • Cam

      thinking the same thing…and that bus accident