John Saunders Cause Of Death: College Football Season Begins But Fans Feel Something Is Missing

John Saunders Cause Of Death: College Football Season Begins But Fans Feel Something Is Missing
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The 2016 College Football season is underway but fans and colleagues feel something is missing. Most are saying that the broadcast will never be the same again without legendary ESPN host John Saunders.


Surprisingly, some fans are still in shock, not knowing that the popular host has already passed away until ESPN and his co-hosts paid tribute to Saunders. But for those who are aware that Saunders is now gone, they cannot help but get emotional, expressing their sadness on social networking websites like Facebook.

“I am watching the Alabama/USC football game and they were just talking about the fact that John Saunders from ESPN had died and how much they missed his play-by-play,” one Facebook user said. “With all the craziness going on here, I guess I missed this. It’s so sad.”

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The Facebook user added that he is hoping that Saunders is watching up in heaven with Stuart Scott, another popular sportscaster. Scott, who is also known for his interesting takes on SportsCenter, passed away in January last year, which also led to widespread tribute from colleagues and athletes.

While the ongoing football season is already making a lot of noise, fans are still not used to hearing a different voice, particularly in halftime reports. “ABC Halftime Report is not the same without John Saunders,” another Facebook user posted.

So for those who are not aware, what is the cause of his death?

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The immediate cause of John Saunders’ death was not revealed but a statement from his family, which was posted on ESPN, indicated that the 61-year-old host was not feeling well before the sorrowful day, when he was found unresponsive. The family just asked for privacy but did not forget to thank those who paid tribute to Saunders.

And based on the outpouring praises and tribute Saunders is still receiving now, and in the coming days, Saunders is surely smiling up there. The voice of football is gone but his legacy will live forever.

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