John Cena News: ‘American Grit’ Star Wants To Wrestle Despite Injury

John Cena News: ‘American Grit’ Star Wants To Wrestle Despite Injury
John Cena Eva Rinaldi / Wikimedia Commons CC

John Cena made an appearance on FOX 411. The injured WWE star talked about his forthcoming American reality series “American Grit,” the #ShowYourGrit Twitter campaign and Make-A-Wish.


But when the star was asked whether or not he will take on an opponent live at WrestleMania 32, Cena left his fans hanging. However, the three-time Superstar of the Year Slammy Award winner made it known that the upcoming WrestleMania 32 will be fantastic.

WrestleZone reported that the actor said that due to his injury, physicians initially gave him a 9-month rest period before returning to the wrestling world. But Cena said the doctors should be reevaluating that matter, and the 12-time WWE champion hopes to “sweet talk” the physicians to give him the opportunity to return.

As reported by Page Six, the wrestler and actor said, “Getting back in the ring is my goal and with surgical timetables, surgeons are making sure of avoiding potential danger about their work and they can only go off of the patients who are injured before them.”

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Cena also said, “I had a rotator cuff reattachment. I had an AC joint reconstruction, and I had a giant arterial defect in the bone that goes into the ball in the socket in the shoulder. Basically, the round space was not round, it was cut in half. So all that had to regenerate and grow, but after over 400 hours of physical therapy, I feel pretty darn good.”

Then Cena talked about his upcoming reality series “American Grit.” The series features elite level military officers training teams of civilians with particular skills through a series of physical challenges. Cena said the objective of “American Grit” is to change the lives of the participants.

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