Joe Biden Stirs World War 3 Against Russia, Says Analyst

Joe Biden Stirs World War 3 Against Russia, Says Analyst
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Vice President Joe Biden traveled to Ukraine on Sunday. The visit aimed to provide a strong signal of American support for Ukraine in the face of Russia’s continued military intervention in the region, according to a senior administration official. The move, however, signals that U.S. is geared up for a possible World War 3 against Russia, according to an analyst.


“He (Biden) is there to kind of reassure the Kiev puppet ally government that the United States is standing behind them, ready for World War 3 against Russia,” Joachim Hagopian, an investigative journalist, told Press TV.

A senior administration official said the primary aim of Vice President Biden’s visit to Ukraine is to assure a staunch U.S. support against Russia’s provocative incursion in the region. “Even as so much of the international attention has shifted towards Russia’s involvement with Syria, we, the United States, haven’t forgotten about Ukraine; that Ukraine remains central to our national interests; and that the Vice President and President continue to believe that progress in Ukraine is essential for the ultimate aspiration we have for Europe of being whole, at peace, and free,” the official said during a conference call.

A discussion will also be made about the implementation of the Minsk Agreements in order to deescalate hostilities between Russian-backed separatists and the Ukrainian government. Mr. Biden will call for Russia to live up to their obligations under the Minks Agreements, the official said. He will also assure Ukraine that U.S. will keep its sanctions against Russia until Minsk is fully implemented. The U.S. will also continue to train the Ukrainian armed forces to defend the region from any aggression from Russia.

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The U.S. will not intervene in the matters concerning Ukrainian debt to Russia, the official said. The Russian have offered a solution that requires an American, European or an IMF guarantee of repayment in installments. “This is a bilateral issue for Russia and Ukraine,” the official said.

According to a report from Reuters, the Russian government has already received a direct refusal from the U.S. regarding the matter. “In this regard, there is nothing left but for us to file a legal case against Ukraine if the debtor does not fulfill its liabilities fully on Dec. 20,”the Russian Finance Ministry was quoted as saying in a statement. The senior administration official speaking on behalf of the vice president also stressed that while the U.S. has been in active conversation with Russia on Syria, the talks are completely compartmented from the Ukraine experience.

All U.S. moves and decision involving the Ukraine crisis is provoking Russia, Hagopian told Press TV. “I think that we are seeing polarization and a movement towards more confrontation, unfortunately, and I think that this Biden visit to Ukraine is the same as ‘you know we are going to be there for you when World War 3 starts, we are going to be fighting right alongside you,” Hagopian added.