Joe Biden Is As Good As Go For 2016 Bid

Joe Biden Is As Good As Go For 2016 Bid
Joe Biden Marc Nozell / Flickr CC BY 2.0
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Remember when Vice President Joe Biden joked that him running for US elections 2016 is subject to his wife’s approval? Sources are now saying that Jill Biden already said yes and in fact will support him all the way.


According to people close to the Bidens who have spoken with NBC News, Jill is 100-percent behind Joe for another White House bid. The sources told NBC’s Chuck Todd that the vice president has actually been speaking with the Democratic leaders, telling them that he indeed wants to run and feels that he has a chance of winning. The only thing stopping him right now is whether he can handle all the emotional stress with running.

James Gleeson, Jill’s communications director, told Politico that she “would be on board if her husband decides to run for president but they haven’t made that decision yet.”

Hillary Clinton told CBS on Sunday that she and her team are not preparing for Joe’s late entry into the Democratic presidential candidates. “This is such a personal decision and the vice president has to sort this out. He’s been so open in talking about how difficult this time is for him and his family and he’s obviously considering what he wants to do including whether he wants to run,” Clinton told CBS’s Face The Nation.

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“I just have the greatest respect and affection for him and I think everybody just ought to give him the space to decide what’s best for his family,” Clinton added.

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