Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton Romance? Hug Says It All

Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton Romance? Hug Says It All
Sen. Hillary Clinton Roger H. Goun / Flickr cc

Was Joe Biden trying to get handsy with Hillary Clinton? A rather awkward hug between the Democratic presidential candidate and the Vice President of U.S. has gone viral.


The 17 seconds long hug looked awkward and slightly hilarious. The 68-year-old looks increasingly uncomfortable and trapped in the hug as Joe Biden simply refuses to let go, Daily Mail reports.

Biden kept his arms around the Democratic presidential candidate for the few seconds in spite of her efforts to free herself. Hillary Clinton is also seen tapping him on the arm and even wriggling to pull away, but Biden looks into her eyes.

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Does this look like a fictional romance? No. Social media went into hysteria over the short video of the duo.

The two were campaigning together in Biden’s childhood hometown, Scranton, Pennsylvania on Tuesday. Hillary meanwhile tried to smile and laugh off the awkward hug.

“Hello my dear,” she tell Biden when she meets him. Finally he left her and they got into his limo. The duo gave speeches and toured Biden’s old neighborhood.

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There were a host of reactions from users on the video, Express UK reports. “Well that was awkward,” said one.

“Put her down,” yet another suggests. Another says: “Joe you’re being weird again.” There was another who said: “Let the hostage go, Biden.”

In another instance from the same day, Hillary Clinton slipped as she left the podium following her speech, which prompted VP to jump in and break her fall.

This is not the first time that Joe Biden has got “touchy” and it has been caught on camera. Apart from the cringeworthy long hug with Hillary Clinton, Biden was seen with his hands on the wife of Defense Secretary Ash Carter.

He was even seen whispering in Stephanie Carter’s ear during Carter’s swearing-in ceremony. This incident happened in 2015.

Social media has a very apt nickname for the VP “hands-on Joe.” The Democrat has previously been caught getting quite close with Eva Longoria and even former Irish President Mary McAleese.

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