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Jodi Arias Released: Did Travis Alexander’s Killer Get An Early Parole?

Jodi Arias Released: Did Travis Alexander’s Killer Get An Early Parole?
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Jodi Arias Released: Did Travis Alexander’s Killer Get An Early Parole?

Jodi Arias, who was sentenced to life imprisonment for shooting and stabbing her boyfriend to death, was recently released on parole!

If the above news does not make any sense, the reason behind Jodi’s release makes even lesser sense. Apparently, some vague incident took place inside the Arizona Department of Corrections, involving Jodi who led to her release.

This news was reported by the Boston Tribune, which further added that Jodi will be placed under 5 months of house arrest, and will require staying in touch with the state-appointed parole officer for the next 3 years.

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The tabloid even quoted the following statement given by Colin Wright, Arias’ attorney:

“My client (Jodi Arias) and I are not permitted to discuss the incident leading-up to her early-release from the Arizona State Prison per a contractual agreement, however, let’s just say that Mrs. Arias was at the right place at the right time and it’s in The Arizona Department of Correction’s best interest to grant her immediate release.”

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According to Snopes, none of this is true and Jodi’s life sentence has not been revoked. Boston Tribune is simply a fake news site that makes up any news they please without so much as a disclaimer which warns people that the content may be fabricated.

The last time anyone heard of Jodi Arias, she has found love inside the prison and was planning to get married!

As bizarre as it might sound, after being convicted for  killing her boyfriend, Jodi somehow graduated to becoming the ideal bachelorette inside the prison, with guys throwing marriage proposals towards her like anything, reported Daily Mail.

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Jodi eventually settled for an unnamed gentleman and was very excited to plan her own wedding. Even though inmates at Arizona Department of Corrections are not legally permitted to wear a gown or jewelry, Jodi had other plans.

She told her friends and family via Skype that she wanted all of them to attend her “fairytale” wedding, which would consist of her wearing a “figure-hugging” dress, a diamond ring and carrying a bouquet.

She also planned to have kids even though conjugal visits are not permitted to inmates.

Where do you think #jodiarias is registered? Her #wedding is gonna be so #beautiful!

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