Jimmy Kimmel Seems To Love Death Threats From Gamers

Jimmy Kimmel Seems To Love Death Threats From Gamers
Jimmy Kimmel Disney | ABC Television/Flickr CC BY-ND 2.0

Jimmy Kimmel is receiving death threats from gamers for making fun of YouTube Gaming in his TV show “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”


Kimmel began his skit funnily admitting that he is growing old and therefore not getting to understand the concept behind the idea of YouTube Gaming. Kimmel continued the show with jokes on the theme he chose for the day. Kimmel also mentioned amid his show that “To me, watching another person play video games is like going to a restaurant and having someone eat your food for you,” according to Fortune.

Jimmy Kimmel Show on YouTube

Kimmel’s show mocking YouTube Gaming uploaded in YouTube was received well by the viewers but with a million dislikes. He also received brutal comments as well as death threats from gaming fans around the world.

Kimmel responded to these comments sportively in a video that “I love making people mad. After pizza, it’s probably my favorite thing.” He also added that “I’m going to sit down with people who care very much about this topic, and I’m going to be open-minded. I will give these gamers an opportunity to show me what is fun about watching other people play video games,” reported The Mary Sue.

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Kimmel concluded the video giggling that most of the death threats he received were from boys as young as 12 years. He enjoyed laughing at the silly death threats than being depressed about it.

Gaming fan’s messages to Jimmy Kimmel

Some of the brutal messages received by Kimmel from gamers are here:

– “Get cancer.”

– “jobless in 1 year you stupid bearded gorilla.”

– “Go hang yourself with that fat string of bacon in the kitchen”

– “Jimmy I hope you get AIDS.”

– “If you were on life support I would plug it out and charge my phone.”

– “I dare you to start your car in the morning.”