Jimmy Fallon Injures Right Hand At Harvard Award Ceremony

Jimmy Fallon Injures Right Hand At Harvard Award Ceremony
DSC_0544 Sagie / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0
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Jimmy Fallon injured his right hand over the weekend. The Tonight Show host was in Boston over the weekend to receive the Harvard University’s Lampoon award.


His most recent injury – he was holding a Jaegermeister bottle when he fell and cut himself, according to People – comes four months after he nearly lost a finger on his left hand. He was subsequently transported to the Massachusetts General Hospital.

“He just fell on it,” Ryan Schuster, who was at the event, said. “We all thought he did it on purpose.” Schuster added that the comedian made it look like an act. “He got right back up and started saying, ‘Someone get me more Jäger,’” Schuster said. Another source said that “everything is totally fine,” and adding, “It was all part of the celebration in the street and some random girl kneeled down in front of him abruptly as he was turning around and he tripped over her because he didn’t see her.”

Fallon posted a picture of his hand, wrapped in a bandage, on Instagram Sunday morning. He captioned it, “Nothing that a few band aids couldn’t fix.” Another attendee got a video of the tumble, and posted it on the social networking service.

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Four months ago, hewas hospitalized for almost two weeks after he slipped and fell in his kitchen. He had almost lost a finger, he said, as reported by News.com.au. “Tripped and caught my fall (good thing). Ring caught on side of table almost ripped my finger off (bad thing),” he tweeted after the June incident.