Jimmy Butler: Mason Plumlee Owes Me $2500 For Technical

Jimmy Butler has a message for Mason Plumlee. The minor Tuesday night scuffle between Butler, the Chicago Bulls swingman, and Plumlee, the Portland Trailblazers big man, has gone from heated to silly in a short time.


Butler was called for a technical foul during the fourth quarter of Chicago’s 93-88 victory over Portland when the two came to blows and exchanged heated words (watch video above).

With 4:17 left in the game, and with Bulls leading 80-78, Butler tried to set a pick and it appeared Plumlee dropped a shoulder to knock over the Bulls guard. In the heat of the moment, Butler retaliated by tripping Plumlee and getting into his face as the pair went back and forth before being separated by referees and teammates.

After the play was reviewed, Plumlee was handed a flagrant 1 while Butler received a technical. The NBA imposes a hefty $2,500 fine for all technical fouls. “He cost me $2,500,” an infuriated Butler told reporters after the game. “I’m not happy about that. I’m going to ask him to pay me back – and I’m not playing,” added the Bulls all-star.

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According to ESPN, Butler was more upset with the fine than with the actual play. “He (Plumlee) thought he was playing football for a second there,” joked Butler. “It’s all good though, man. I almost had to let the Fort Greene projects out of me, Brooklyn.”

Butler intends to ask for the money “nicely” at first. “Basketball, emotions, that’s part of the game,’” said Butler. “Yeah, he cost me $2,500. I’m going to ask him to pay me back, and I’m not playing. I’m going to ask, nicely. Yeah, I’m going to get that.’’

Butler took a dig at the Duke product. “(Otherwise) I’m going to tell my agent (Happy Walters) to email him or something. I know (Plumlee’s e-mail address) is MisterDukie@yahoo.com or something.”

On February 27, Bulls and Trailblazers will lock horns again in Chicago.


  • Mason Plumlee is a clown. Wear a big, red, squeaky nose for Thanksgiving bud.