Jewish Teacher Attacked, Stabbed In Arm And Leg In French City

Jewish Teacher Attacked, Stabbed In Arm And Leg In French City
Shun Knives Yovany Camacho / Flickr CC BY 2.0

A Jewish teacher was stabbed by three men on a street in the French city of Marseille.


The victim, identified as Tziyon Saadon, was stabbed in the arm and leg. According to the Jerusalem Post, his injuries are reported to be non-life-threatening. Following the attack, he was transported to the hospital while officers began a search of the attackers.

The attackers were shouting anti-Semitic remarks.

Laurent Nuñez, the Commissioner of Police of the Rhone delta AFP, said the incident occurred in the 13th arrondissement of Marseille. The victim works at the of Yavneh community center, which includes a school and a synagogue.

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“This teacher was accosted in the street by three men mounted on two scooters” at 7:50 p.m., Brice Robin said, as reported by USA Today. “The three individuals insulted, threatened and stabbed the victim in the arm and leg. They were disturbed by the arrival of a car and fled,” Robin added.

The attack was condemned by UEJF Jewish students’ union, who urged the police to capture those responsible. Michele Teboul, the regional president of the Jewish representative group CRIF, said, “I’m very shocked. Because this is the second incident of its kind in a very short time.” Teboul said that she was worried about the possibility of further attacks.

The incident comes in the wake of last week’s attack on the French capital, Paris, which has been placed on heightened alert. The attacks killed 129 people and wounded hundreds of others.