Jessica Simpson’s Mom Gets Too Close To Son-In-Law

Jessica Simpson’s Mom Gets Too Close To Son-In-Law
Jessica Simpson John VanderHaagen / Flickr CC BY 2.0

Jessica Simpson’s mom is getting little too close with her son-in-law. Recently, Tina, 56, celebrated her birthday with family and friends. Soon after, she posted a picture with her son-in-law, Eric Johnson. In the picture, the head of Eric rests on Tina’s crotch.


The picture Jessica Simpson’s mom posted on Instagram had no trace of Jessica, 35, and Ashlee, 31. She also posted a picture with son-in-law #2, Evan Ross. She was little too close with him.

Son in law

A photo posted by Tina Simpson (@tinersimpson) on

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The Simpsons family is known for bizarre incidents. On January 12, Jessica was honored at YMA Geoffrey Beene National Scholarship Awards. She went to the stage but was quite out of it. An insider said, “She stands up in front of the crowd and goes, ‘Ooooh, awards speech,’ in a breathy voice,” adding, “Jessica seemed very out of it … I couldn’t follow it at all.”

Happy birthday @tinersimpson. Love you!!! We are having the best trip ever!!!

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The singer-turned-fashion designer has made things awkward during the event. However, her representative has nullified plenty of claims. Jessica Simpson’s mom’s story is one addition to the chapter. We will follow it up with more updates soon.