Jessica Grace Smith From ‘Home And Away’ Goes Behind The Camera For Transgender Movie With Danielle Cormack

Jessica Grace Smith From ‘Home And Away’ Goes Behind The Camera For Transgender Movie With Danielle Cormack
Gay Pride Guillaume Paumier / Flickr CC BY 2.0
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Jessica Grace Smith from “Home and Away” is doing something different this time. The popular actress who plays Denny in the show will be working with Danielle Cormack in her inaugural venture behind the camera. Danielle is a popular name as she was star of “Wentworth” as a character imprisoned after trying to kill her husband.


The new project of the “Home and Away” star is “Everybody Else Is Taken” which tells a story of a teenager who wants to break the barrier of gender restrictions. The 44-year-old Danielle is interested about the project though there are no proper news about the funding of the show.

Belindalee Hope, producer of “Lord of the Rings,” has shown interest on the project while Cormack also signed as producer of the film. This is not going to be a network film for sure, so the funding may be a problem.

Jessica Grace Smith is also playing her part in financing. The 27-year-old actress has a crowdfunding page on Kickstarter through which she expects to receive $12,000. The actress also described it as her own story and how she struggled to deal with the society as a tomboy.

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As she puts it, “It’s a really personal story, kind of autobiographical actually,” adding, “I was a little bit different, I think that’s why I want to tell this story.” While talking about the fund raising through Kickstarter, Smith said, “We really want to make this film but we need to raise some money to do that.” She added, “That’s why I’ve started the Kickstarter campaign. I’ve got an awesome crew… (and) I’ve worked really hard to try to find some women to work in our crew in areas that I felt were really underrepresented.”

It seems that both ladies are quite serious about the project and we wish them good luck for wearing the creative caps.

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