Jerusalem Mayor Pins Down Knife-wielding Attacker

Jerusalem Mayor Pins Down Knife-wielding Attacker
Image from Flickr by Chris Hoare
Jerusalem  Chris Hoare Jerusalem Mayor Pins Down Knife wielding Attacker
Image from Flickr by Chris Hoare

The mayor of Jerusalem and his bodyguards had prevented a knife assault in the city last Sunday. The attacker was wrestled to the ground, The Guardian reports.


Mayor Nir Barkat, 55, was traveling in a car when the incident happened, said spokesman Brachi Sprung. The attacker swung his knife at a group of pedestrians and struck an ultra-Orthodox Jewish man near the city hall. The camera footage shows Barkat and his bodyguard pinning the man down on the spot of the attack.

Barkat described the incident to the reporters. “My bodyguard took out his weapon and when he aimed at the terrorist, the terrorist dropped his knife and we immediately tackled him on the ground to make sure that he cannot continue with the terror attack and then went out to see the wounded person that, thank God, was relatively slightly wounded we gave him first aid.”

The attacker was wounded in the tussle. The police took him to the hospital for medical treatment, according to the Israel Police Foreign Press spokesman. The medical officials confirmed he was not seriously injured.

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The 18-year old Palestinian attacker, who was soon found out to have no authorization to live in Israel, was arrested.

The Jerusalem’s mayor had served as an officer in the paratrooper’s brigade.