Jeremy Lin Will Recruit Free Agents For Brooklyn Nets In The Future

Jeremy Lin Will Recruit Free Agents For Brooklyn Nets In The Future
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The Brooklyn Nets hit two birds with one stone when they signed Jeremy Lin earlier this month. The team not only acquired a franchise cornerstone, but also a future free agent recruiter.


The Nets were very assertive in the first few weeks of free agency. They had an enormous amount of cap space to sign a marquee free agent. Nets general manager Sean Marks went all out on Lin and offered him a three-year, $36 million deal, as per Fox Sports.

In a recent interview with New York Post, Lin stated that he won’t try to recreate “Linsanity” in Brooklyn. He just wants to work hard and focus on the next chapter of his NBA journey.

He also said the Nets need its fans now more than ever. The team’s new core of young players is eager to show fans a brand of basketball they haven’t seen in a long while. It can be remembered that the Nets only won 21 games this past season, the third worst wins record behind the rebuilding Los Angeles Lakers and the dismal Philadelphia 76ers.

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Lin also told the Post that he will help the Nets recruit free agents in the coming years. However, he is aware that the team’s current situation would be a difficult selling point for future free agents.

“I mean, we gotta turn things around and win more than 21 games for me to do that,” he said. “But I know enough people, and I think I have friends in the league, and so I’ll be recruiting.”

With regards to the players he will be playing with next season, Lin zeroed in on Nets big man Brook Lopez. He argued that the versatile center is one of the most under-appreciated elite players in the NBA today.

CBS Sports indicated that signing Lin is a smart move by the Nets. For an average paycheck, the team got its marketing star and a dependable starting point guard. Lin is deceptively quick and has a high basketball IQ. His arrival in to the squad will also do wonders for Lopez’s career.

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  • waky wake

    The Nets’ contract with and commitment to Lin as their starting PG, as called for and insisted upon by myself and many other fans of “TEAM PLAY” basketball for better than two months, is the best thing that realistically could have happened to them. Brooklyn is going to need the star power draw of Jeremy Lin even more next off-season, cause they can’t afford another round of extreme lackluster interest by premier free agents, when so many top flight FAs will come available in 2017. Maybe by that time Joe Harris will have changed his mind about the team. He’d better get his attitude corrected now, because every recent Nets fan post regarding him, is about how despondent and displeased he seems to be about being with the team. If so many fans see it to the point of commenting about, he can bet Atkinson and Marks noticed it and the one thing they are not going to tolerate with this rebuild, is a disrupter of team-cohesion. Maybe he doesn’t feel he’s being fairly positioned in the rotation, or maybe he’s dissatisfied with the money he had to sign for. Whatever the cause of his negative display, he’d better find a way to eliminate it fast, because this team and organization can and will eliminate of him !!! FAST !!!