Jeremy Lin Wants to Keep In Step With the Likes of Stephen Curry, Taking Thousand Jumpers to Become a Great Shooter

Jeremy Lin will get a new lease on life with the Brooklyn Nets, another opportunity that he knows he cannot squander. Will there be Linsanity 2.0 or ‘BrookLinsanity’ in New York?


It has been a rough and tumble road for Lin so far following his breakout season with the New York Knicks in 2012. With the Knicks uninterested in him, the 27-year-old Harvard University graduate transferred to the Houston Rockets, which never turned out for the best.

New shot at redemption for Jeremy Lin

A stint with the Los Angeles Lakers also bombed but his fortunes shifted with the Charlotte Hornets. The only thing under Steve Clifford was Jeremy Lin would come off the bench and not start.

All that changes now with all of Lin’s wishes fulfilled. He gets to return to the place he calls home, a hefty salary of $36 million for three years and most importantly become a starter once more per the Nets Daily.

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Learning from his previous fall

For Lin, this is a new lease on life he cannot afford to waste. Failing to prove his 2015-16 NBA season was for real would place his NBA career in jeopardy once more.

The Palo Alto, California native knows that at his age, he cannot afford to sit down and relax. He has a coach in Kenny Atkinson, who knows him pretty well so all he has to do is strut the same stuff that brought “Linsanity” to fame.

His rebirth with the Nets may not make Brooklyn overnight contenders and Atkinson will likely target at least a playoff spot initially. But to do that, Lin will need to add more facets to his game and this could be in the form of consistent and improved outside shooting.

Lin admits that he has been taking 700 to 1000 jumpers daily to improve on his long bombs. At that rate, he stands to eventually develop a consistent jump shot, which he knows will help his game.

Lin has proven how he can drive to the basket so adding that outside rifle will come in handy. Such will give his game another dimension, calling to mind how Steph Curry has done it with gusto for the Golden State Warriors.

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