Jeremy Lin Rumors: Carmelo Anthony, Amar’e Stoudemire Had Issues With ‘Linsanity’

Jeremy Lin Rumors: Carmelo Anthony, Amar’e Stoudemire Had Issues With ‘Linsanity’
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Jeremy Lin rose to fame in 2012, the time best known as “Linsanity.” Those were hard times for the New York Knicks with their backcourt severely depleted.


Mike D’Antoni had limited options but the logical choice was Jeremy Lin. Would he thrive? Lin did show up and he came out big. New York was alive and everyone was happy though rumors suggest that there were two who were not – Carmelo Anthony and Amar’e Stoudemire.

D’Antoni confirms issues in 2012

Reports of such friction came out before but everything was rebooted when former Knicks coach Mike D’ Antoni spoke on “The Vertical Podcast”. There was indeed turmoil within the Knicks ranks. Stoudemire and Anthony allegedly needed to play at a certain level to avoid being shown up by Lin.

Given the situation, it was hard to see Lin rise given he had to co-exist with two NBA All-Stars. Anthony was the face of the franchise and needed to churn out MVP-like numbers to justify his fat salary.

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For his part, Lin didn’t seem like he was interested in competing for the superstar role. At the time, Lin just wanted to play ball and survive. Recall how he couldn’t even afford to get his own pad and had to bum in with a teammate?

The Unwanted Star

Unfortunately that was not the case between Lin, Anthony and Stoudemire. There was a ‘threat’ of sorts and all of that was tied up to money and playing time.

Anthony was singled out initially by Stoudemire, claiming in a report from the NY Post that ‘not everyone was a fan of him (Jeremy Lin)’. Melo was also linked to the eventual firing of D’Antoni.

All these things happened four years ago and Anthony is pretty surprised at why everything is still in the air. He does say however that if he didn’t want Lin then he would be doing the same right now with incoming sophomore Kristaps Porzingis. Lin and Porzingis are two different players but he does have a point, which may not unfortunately sell with basketball critics and fans.

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