Jeremy Lin A Victim Of Racism?

Jeremy Lin A Victim Of Racism?
Jeremy Lin nikk_la/ Flickr cc
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Jeremy Lin has been around to know that racism exists anywhere he goes. He has been stopped dead on his tracks at arenas and everyone has probably heard the bumps and bruises the 27-year-old Asian has had to live with.


At his age, Lin has learned to deal with it. He obviously knows he has no control over it and the best way is to ignore it and move forward.

Around Since His New York Knicks Days

Looking back at his rise, Lin will always be familiar in New York. That was back in 2012 when “Linsanity” was born.

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For those who have followed the latest reports on Lin, many are probably aware by now that it wasn’t a bed of roses. There were names hinted at not wanting “Lin” around.

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Mike D’Antoni confirmed the tension at the time and Amar’e Stoudemire mentioned how Carmelo Anthony was jealous of the former Harvard University standout.

As expected, Anthony denied the allegations and even used Kristaps Porzingis as an example. If he had a beef with Lin then why is he getting along with Porzingis?

Of course Lin and Porzingis are two different players and with different talent. Also, the times have changed and Anthony has matured in some ways. On whether there was jealousy at the time, only Melo knows.

“There’s gonna be racism everywhere I go, and some of it’s more subtle, some of it’s less malicious. I mean, every day there’s guys with certain stereotypes or whatever, and it’s not just me. But yeah, I still go through it…” said Lin.

With or without the racist issues, Lin has one thing in his mind – embrace his new opportunity and prove he belongs in the NBA.

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He has everything working for him right now, including a return stint to a place he fondly calls home. He is back as a starter with the odds stacked. Will Lin flourish the second time around? The coming season should be interesting as the second coming of “Linsanity” unwraps.

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