Jeremy Lin News: ‘Linsanity’ Barometer Of Brooklyn Nets’ Success?

Jeremy Lin News: ‘Linsanity’ Barometer Of Brooklyn Nets’ Success?
Brooklyn Nets vs MilwaukeeTerry Ballard/ Flickr cc

The Brooklyn Nets are counting on Jeremy Lin to save them from NBA mediocrity. He has already proven he can carry the team on his back.


Lin has averaged 16.3 points and 4.3 assists for the Nets in three preseason games. His stat line is particularly noteworthy since he only played 22 minutes per game.

If Lin keeps this up, basketball fans may soon witness the second coming of Linsanity. Nets general manager Sean Marks would breathe a sigh of relief knowing his free agency gamble paid off big time.

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The Nets can only go as far as Lin takes them. His scoring and passing abilities will dictate the team’s success moving forward.

According to Nothin But Nets, Lin is an unselfish player. He is willing to pass the ball to open teammates. His team-first attitude and playmaking skills will make players like Brook Lopez and Bojan Bogdanovic even better.

Lin wasn’t his usual self while playing for the Charlotte Hornets last season. Hornets head coach Steve Clifford was a defensive specialist who expect his point guards to defend tirelessly before bringing the ball up the court.

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Fortunately for Lin, Nets head coach Kenny Atkinson is an offensive-minded guru who believes team chemistry and ball movement win NBA games. Atkinson sees Lin as the de facto leader of the Nets.

“This is a totally different role for Jeremy. I think part of the reason he came to Brooklyn is to prove to everybody that he can be a starting point guard in this league,” Atkinson explained on SiriusXM NBA. “He was fourth or fifth fiddle [in Houston and Charlotte]. This is a different role. This is a leadership role.”

Several NBA coaches have tried but failed to resurrect Linsanity. If there’s one person who could get the most out of Lin, it would be none other than Atkinson. He worked with Lin as an assistant coach for the New York Knicks before the 6-foot-3 dynamo broke the NBA landscape in 2012.

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  • Soursdey Met

    “The 24 second shot clock is shut off…Mike D’Antoni won’t call time out and let the Raptors set up their D…the crowd on its feet here at the Air Canada Centre…Lin puts it up, BANG!!!” Fun time that was. Lin will put up amazing numbers this season.

    • christian cullen

      i stopped watching nba after I… grew up, Then Linsanity, and basketball has never been so exciting and entertaining.
      I’ve waited now for a few years for linsanity part 2. very much looking forward to this season.

  • Casual Observer

    “Several NBA coaches have tried but failed to resurrect Linsanity.”

    Which NBA coach has tried? None of them had trusted Lin after the NYN time.

    • Ray Lam


    • Kwok Wai Lai

      Who are those coaches. Byron Scott, Kevin McHale, Where are they now? Their coaching career seems to be ended now because of ineptness. In short losers as an NBA coach.

  • Johnason Lin

    Scott Byron tried resurrecting linsanity by benching him after Kobe hog the shit out all season, McHale used Harden like as if he is Kobe without the defense part of course and resurrecting Linsanity by benching him to cover Harden defensive mistakes. Only coach that tried resurrecting Linsanity was 6th man Hornets coach.

    Lin most likely gonna average 25 pts 9 assists if stays healthy and average 35mins per game.

    • LinFan17

      We should be happy that both Scott Byron and McHale lost their job.

      • Johnason Lin

        It’s sad McHale couldn’t keep Howard and Harden together. Scott was just a coach there to keep Kobe happy before retiring and sub Lin out when scores are getting too close lol

        • Kwok Wai Lai

          Discrediting Lin because of inept coaching appears unfair and remains a case of severe discrimination against the only Asian American in NBA. By the way, he is one of the quickest PGs in NBA by measurements. How come he didn’t get the chance that black players used to have.

          Take away the ball and minutes and then starting role, nobody has done better than Jeremy Lin.

    • statsjunkie

      25 and 9 sounds crazy, but I really don’t see why not on this team.

      • Johnason Lin

        I’m just doubling the stats now from his preseason performances.

        So his been averaging 16 pts 6 assists, about 15mins

  • Grant Hodges

    Lin inevitably found himself on teams that had shooting guards that wanted to play point too. Never a recipe for success. In the Hornets it was a little different since Lin played backup to a real point guard, instead of being the failed point guard who couldn’t wrest the ball from Harden or Kobe who are both putting up 35 shots a game whether they are hot or not. With Kimba Walker, Lin had a doable role: backup a fine point guard bringing game-changing talent off the bench. Lin did it. Fine. Lin didn’t change; rather he was placed in a role that had a chance for success. Now Lin finds himself in another role that can be done; he is team leader and his control of the ball as point guard is uncontested. It would be great if he had a shooting guard in the mold of Reggie Miller, the greatest Pacer. He does not. More shots for him. Can’t wait for the regular season to start.