Jeremy Lin Needs Your Votes To Make All-Star Game, Coach Showers Praise #NBAVote

Jeremy Lin Needs Your Votes To Make All-Star Game, Coach Showers Praise #NBAVote
Jeremy Lin NBA TV / Twitter

Jeremy Lin played 47 minutes Thursday night for his season-best 35 points as the Charlotte Hornets outlasted the Toronto Raptors in an overtime thriller. With the victory, Lin did two things: 1) Secure a starting role for the rest of the season, 2) Enhance his chances to make the All-Star Game on Valentine’s Day.


Charlotte Hornets and Lin’s diehard fans have started a petition to get Lin voted into the All-Star game. If you wish to see Lin take center stage with the world’s best pro basketball players, use the hastag #NBAVote to make your voices heard.

Lin’s immense popularity among his legion of fans is sure to help his case.

On Thursday night, Lin had his highest-scoring game since putting up 38 points against San Antonio on December. 10, 2012 as a member of the Houston Rockets. It was also his third-highest-scoring game in his five-year career.

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Jeremy Lin Earns Coach’s Praise

After the game, Hornets coach Steve Clifford showered praise on Lin. “He (Lin) made two of the biggest shots for us in that victory. The three-pointer to start Overtime and the driving (layup) when the game was tied. He really came through for us. He (Lin) had a monster game. His defense was realy good too,” said Clifford.

Jeremy Lin has represented a total of three different teams in many years. But Clifford reckons Lin has found his ideal set up with Charlotte. “I am really happy for him. This (Hornets) is a good team for him. He is easy to cheer for, easy to like, as you all know,” said Clifford.

Clifford praised Lin’s explosiveness. “If you watch him closely, he is so quick and strong. He doesn’t need much of a gap to get to the paint. He’s clever and can attack anytime. The other thing to appreciate about Lin is – he gets better every year. When he first entered the league, when he got going with the Knicks, people thought he wasn’t good going to his left. Now, he’s equally good. People were saying he’s not a great range shooter. This summer he worked with his shooting coach. He addresses his weakness every offseason,” Clifford said while praising Lin’s game.

It’s time to vote Jeremy Lin into the all-star game. #NBAVote

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  • heart

    Thank you for supporting Lin for All-Star!

  • batia0121

    “With the victory, Lin did two things: 1) Secure a starting role for the rest of the season.”

    As much as I want this to be true, but where did you get this from? It’s not cool to just pull stuff out of thin air like that.


    He is good enough for starting role for some teams. But it wouldn’t happen in Hornets in this season because the existing system and Lin’s short term contract. As much as Hornets likes to keep Lin for long term, I am not sure Lin would be satisfied his current backup role and avg 20 mins play time. “That was I always want to play”, Lin said in the post game interview. Doesn’t it mean he always want to play a major role?

  • Lgo

    Thank you Sai… though he did not make it this time, hopefully next year!