Jeremy Lin Must Re-Unite With Mike D’Antoni At Philadelphia 76ers

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Jeremy Lin finds himself at the crossroads of his NBA career. This summer, Lin has two options: 1) Continue to play second fiddle to Kemba Walker in Charlotte or, 2) Head to a team which is deprived of depth at the PG position.


In all honesty, Lin and Hornets have been a good match. Playing for an injury-stricken squad, Lin has done everything coach Steve Clifford asked him to. Whether it’s running the floor in Walker’s absence or guarding the opponent’s best perimeter scorer, Lin has put his hand up and contributed in more ways than one. His newfound defensive versatility means he’s no longer just a one-way player.

Besides getting tougher on the defensive end, Lin is able to penetrate defenses both off the dribble and away from the ball. Unlike before, he’s able to beat bigger defenders with go-to moves. As a pass-first PG, Lin never relied on jump shots, but has made significant strides in that area, too.

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Despite all those improvements, Lin’s scoring and facilitating prowess is nowhere as rhythmic as his days with the New York Knicks, under coach Mike D’Antoni. Under D’Antoni, Lin looked like an elite point guard who can orchestrate a high-tempo offense with utmost precision. Simply put, after his days in Phoenix Suns, D’Antoni found his next Steve Nash in Lin, albeit for a short period.

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Jeremy Lin entering free agency…

Lin has a player option in the second year of his contract. Should he opt out and pursue free agency? Or should he sign a fresh extension with Charlotte?

If Lin intends to capture some of that old Linsanity magic, it wouldn’t be a bad ploy to join the Philadelphia 76ers, where D’Antoni is serving as associate head coach under Brett Brown. The move makes a ton of sense since the Sixers are desperate for depth at the 1 position; journeyman Ish Smith is their temporary solution with plans to draft a point guard with one of their late first-round picks.

Since Sixers need a point guard and Lin a larger role, the marriage is at least worth experimenting. There’s not a lot to lose for Lin, who like Smith has been changing jerseys on a yearly basis. In Charlotte, Lin can’t expect more since Kemba Walker is perceived a franchise player.

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  • GRinMe

    Until MDA becomes head coach, it is all conjecture. I hope Lin will get to start, he can be a valuable PG in the right system. But remember 76ers have a very good shot at #1 and #2 pick, if they get SImmons and another blue-chip PG, its interesting how the personality and egos will mesh.

    Remember the last time MDA tried to make the team fit Lin? Melo would have none of it and he was shown the door soon. Unless they sign Lin to a sizable contract and make Lin their building block, I’m afraid much of this just pipe dream.

    Also Lin isn’t shooting that well this season. In NBA, performance in your contract year is very important!

  • Chris Rollins

    makes more sense for lin to go where MDA when he is a head coach somewhere. example lin goes to 76ers not guaranteed he’ll start there either for some reason everyone wants him coming off the bench. what if lin goes 76ers then MDA gets coaching job somewhere mid season then he’s stuck again. also if he would just hit his shots charlotte would be a good fit. until he is consistent making shots he is going to be stuck to 2nd team.

  • heart

    Thank You for this article. Lin is a starting caliber pg and must lead his own team. He’s no second-fiddle to KW as a backup pg! In fact, Lin is made to play SG most of the time he’s on court with KW or NB. Hornets don’t even let him use his elite court-vision and passing skills as a backup pg. Lin’s assignment is mostly playing defense and standing in corner 3. He hardly has any touches when playing with KW. Yet, Lin can still create for himself for scoring with the few touches that he’s allowed to have. Lin has been suppressed an opportunity long enough to play his brand of basketball. All the supposed promises made to Lin prior to his signing with Hornets have not been kept. Why should Lin stay with Hornets when he’s slotted to play out-of-position and as a back-up role player with erratic minutes? It’s emphatically high noon that NBA teams including 76rs with MDA at the helm, should give Lin a chance to play his brand of basketball as a starting PG, and magic will happen as it did 4 years ago with the Knicks. Lin has been denied a fair opportunity to be starter pg in this league from my point of view!

  • eddie1234

    I am a die-hard fan of JLin but after watch Lin every game for the past 3 years, I must confess that he is personally responsible for what is happening today. You see, JLIN has dual personalities. He is an attacker when he is not locked in a starting PG role. Once he is locked in, he morphs into a pass-first PG, where he attacks a lot less. He then runs around to make sure everyone is happy. All of a sudden, he looks like he belongs to the bench. I do not know why JLin has this notion that he must make everyone happy because that is impossible – he just need to win. I know he wants to be a pastor, which is a good thing. But he must not commingle being a pastor and being an NBA all star calibre player. Jlin totally has the skill but lack the personality to be an awesome NBA player. In his career, he twice locked in a starting PG role. The first was in Houston during his first year. The second chance was in LA playing for Byron Scott. In both occasions, he looks like a bench warmer – or like a pastor. In playing a game of 36 minutes, Lin would take 8-9 shots, that is almost 4 minutes per shot, which is totally different with the Linsanity era. Now enters Clarkson, who always averages a shot per two minutes. Clarkson is an attacker and he will attacked with or without Kobe. Clarkson may not have the skill that Jlin has but he has the NBA personality. Lin would only attack as vigorous as Clarkson when he is a starting PG sub, like during the Linsanity era as a starting PG sub. So Lin today is a bi-polar player. If you say he is good, that is true as a starting PG sub. If you say he is not, you are also right because as soon as he starts, he is no longer that good. I wish that Jlin plays like an attacker if he ever locks a starting role again – he is only given so many chances. If he ever gets one and he blows it again, that would be it for sure. There is no need for him to show his teammate that he does not take too many shots and trying to make everyone happy. Otherwise, coaches and owners would have no choice except to put him back to the bench. Are you listening – JLIN?