Jeremy Lin Could Move to San Antonio Spurs? Free Agent Guard Wants Starting Role, More Playing Time

Jeremy Lin Could Move to San Antonio Spurs? Free Agent Guard Wants Starting Role, More Playing Time
Jeremy Lin Gene Wang / Flickr cc

Jeremy Lin will become a free agent in July and is expected field offers from several teams, including the San Antonio Spurs. When he makes his decision next month, Lin hinted that money will not be the biggest factor.


According to Taipei Times, San Antonio could make a run at signing Lin when the free agency period begins. However, the Spurs will be facing stiff competition, as the report also mentioned the New York Knicks, Brooklyn Nets, Houston Rockets, Philadelphia 76ers, Los Angeles Clippers and Portland Trail Blazers as potential suitors.

Lin, who opted out of the second season of his two-year contract worth $4.37 million, that he will consider all options this summer. He quickly added, though, he will sign with a team where he thinks he will enjoy playing basketball like the way he did in his first — and could be his lone season — in Charlotte.

“To me, the most important thing as a free agent is that I am happy when I play basketball or show up for work,” Lin said, when ask about free agency. “I was happy last year, but I was not particularly happy for the first five years.”

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Jeremy Lin Wants More Minutes, Starting Role

Lin had a solid season for the Hornets this year, as he averaged 11.7 points on top of 3.2 rebounds and 3.0 assists. The 27-year-old point made impact in Charlotte, but he only started in 13 of 78 regular-season matches.

The former Harvard University standout, who played 26.3 minutes per game last season, said that he will also take into consideration the role and playing minutes he could get before signing a new deal.

“I am going to consider who is coaching the team, the team’s style, the players on the team and their chance of winning, as well as the on-court time I have and if I have a chance to start,” Lin continued.

In the event the Spurs make a run at Lin, it is highly unlikely they will offer a starting role since they already have Tony Parker and Danny Green manning the backcourt. If he returns to the Hornets, the California native is expected to have the same role, providing firepower off the bench.

Recent reports tagged the Rockets as ideal landing spot for Lin after Houston named Mike D’Antoni as head coach. Bleacher Report revealed the Rockets have the “inside track” in the race to sign Lin because of D’Antoni, who coached the six-year veteran during his breakout year with the New York Knicks in 2012.

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  • Fanny Lee

    Jeremy must have felt very poorly bullied while staying at the Knicks, the Rockets and the Lakers. He said he was happy with the Hornets, which I think may be relatively only as compared with his previous teams. As a side-lined fan, I didn’t see him getting 1/3 the level of respect from Clifford when compared to what Kemba got from the coach. Yes, he might have been treated much more humanly by the Hornets than by his previous teams. Yet after a productive season, it is said that he is offered an insulting 5.5M only for the coming season, even less than the 7M as for Lamb. It is very clear that the Hornets would like to use Lin as an efficient spare extinguisher at only a cheap price to help Kemba to put out fire when Kemba is doing poorly on the court. The FO has been extremely biased, and Kemba is their golden boy. When both were doing poorly, Lin would be the one to be blamed on more. And when both were doing well, Kemba would be getting more praises. To be fair, every franchise has its own favourites. So the Hornets have the rights to incline to trust Kemba more and Kemba shouldn’t be blamed on by Lin’s supporters for that. There may be an individual and sound, solid reason, or even there may not be a need to have a reason, behind why the Hornets are treating them so differently, even though both could show importance at roughly the same level.

    As Lin had said at the exit interview that he was willing to stay at a discount, now the Hornets are going to offer him a symbolically but insultingly small increase and Lin is under the pressure to honor his pledge or he would be criticized by the Bees and even his attackers to be dishonest to keep promises.

    Clearly the Hornets know Lin is very helpful at critical moments. But they really trust Kemba and Batum much more than Lin.

    Lin, at the Hornets, Clifford doesn’t really appreciate you and trust you very much. You are only his back up remedy whenever Kemba and Batum are not able to produce, and sometimes you could even be used as a scapegoat for them. I rarely saw Clifford criticizing Kemba no matter how bad he played. If Kemba is doing well, Clifford would rather let him run over 35-40 min, giving you 15 min while Kemba rests. When MKG comes back healthily next season, you will be warming the bench even more often than this season. NBA is a value-oriented business, not simply sports or charities. In general, the higher you get paid, the higher level you will be respected and cherished. Lin’s mistreatments from McHale and Scott were not expected prior to the poison contract signing and it was out of Lin’s control afterwards. Now you are free to choose a coach who really trusts you and wants to use your skill-set more fully, and I believe there is now at least one or more in the league somewhere, who could willingly offer you an appropriate market-value pay with honesty as well. If you don’t need to spend that much money you could donate the extra to the charities as you have already been regularly doing, and that is really a clever way to use the extra money you deserve to earn. Lin, I believe you are able to offer more on the court and you should aggressively and actively seek as much chance as you can to show people that. Lin, you deserve being cherished more and being trusted more. Lin, the decision is on you now. If you still would consider accepting that insulting offer from the Hornets, you deserve being disrespected and your acceptance would be hurting greatly your supporters as well, as your haters will be encouraged to attack you stronger with a solid reason and it would be tougher for your supporters to defend you.

  • Chris Rollins

    lin needs to work on his jumpshot. not sure what happened to it when he was on knicks he was a knock down jumpshooter. until he gets a reliable shot especially from 3 he will never reach his true potential. teams will sag off him, pack the paint and he won’t be able to drive either with a clogged lane.

  • TheSportsAuthority

    Please go to Spurs Jeremy! C’mon bro!