Jeremy Lin Did Not Like Playing With LA Lakers Legend Kobe Bryant?

Jeremy Lin Did Not Like Playing With LA Lakers Legend Kobe Bryant?
Jeremy Lin Keith Allison/Flickrcc by 2.0

Jeremy Lin will begin a new chapter of his young NBA career. But before his seventh season in the league begins, the former Harvard University talked about the lowest points of his six-year NBA career.


Lin, who signed a three-year contract with the Brooklyn Nets last summer, went undrafted in 2010. The 28-year-old said that it was the toughest point of his journey, especially when he went to the NBA D-League and was cut.

But a season after, Lin made his mark with his Linsanity moment with the New York Knicks in 2012. Following his success in New York, the California native admitted that he had another tough season, citing his one-year stint with the Los Angeles Lakers.

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“The low point was obviously my rookie year — going to the D-League, getting cut — but I had experienced New York and everything, and I was getting down to another really low point,” Lin said via At The Hive. “And that was tough for me, especially my season in L.A.”

Jeremy Lin Did Not Enjoy Time With Kobe Bryant?

Lin did not give a clear reason why his Lakers stint was one of the toughest years of his career, but fans speculated that it has something to do with Kobe Bryant. Bryant is known for his strong personality. There were several instances where the Lakers legend called out Lin during their 2014-15 NBA season.

“I don’t want chumps, I don’t want pushovers,” Bryant once said when asked about being tough of Lin, USA Today reported. “If you’re a chump and a pushover, I will run over you.”

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According to the San Jose Mercury News, Bryant also shouted expletives to Lin during one of their five-on-five scrimmages back then. This incident was just one of the many instances where Bryant might have hurt Lin.

However, it is still unclear whether or not Lin really did not like playing alongside Bryant. He said, though, that when he moved to the Charlotte Hornets, he enjoyed playing basketball again.

“It was just beautiful,” Lin said of his stint with the Hornets, where he averaged 11.7 points on top of 3.2 rebounds and 3.0 assists. “It just brought back everything I thought basketball to be, and I had so much fun with it.”

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  • Ray B

    Wow….sports media has proven how thoroughly and completely uninformed they are. This article is bordering on dumb.

    • norah mackenzie

      when lin was yelled at inpublic by kobe and ticked off by scott who liked to point out his mistakes to the rest of his team mates – i think it is safe to say that being on the lakers was not a happy experience. the lakers were tanking and taking everyone with them

      • Jorge

        Lin was bullied from Knicks to Lakers. Even security guards at stadiums refused to let him enter not knowing he was a player.

        • LinFan17

          I believe Kobe just revenged to Jeremy Lin for the lost game during the time of Linsanity. Kobe lost face for Jeremy Lin dropped 38 points in front of him. When Jeremy Lin came to Lakers, it was the good time for him.

          • Jorge

            Before that gam with Lakers, a reporter asked Kobe what he thought of Lin and Kobe replied “Who’s he?” After that game which Lin scored a lot, Lin was asked during the press conference what he thought of Kobe’s comment. Humble as he was, Lin just said “You better ask him”. If I were Lin, my answer would be “Now Kobe knows me.”

          • LinFan17

            Jeremy Lin answered as “He taught me to learn the game, he should know me now,” This is the difference between a Harvard graduate and a high school graduate. This is a matter of education level.

          • Jorge

            I remember he said “I did want to answer back saying now you know me; but thought what would Jesus say if He was asked.” That shows Lin is indeed a good Christian.

  • Kobe treated JLin like an order of ‘fried rice’. Everyone has jerks they’ve worked with in their careers. JLin got a double whammy….Kobe and Byron Scott = Darth Vader + Evil lord.

    • LinFan17

      I believed Kobe and Byron Scott joined to give Jeremy Lin hard time. So lucky both of them are not in NBA now.

      • Jorge

        Correct. But God’s with Lin’s side. He became more popular after moving to Hornets. Now he’s the star player at Nets and even another bully Melo Anthony is envious.

        • LinFan17

          If Melo is a real man, he should apologize for his narrow mind. In fact Melo is very eager to get a championship ring, now I believe he will never get it in his life. Melo should feel sorry about his narrow mind.

          • Jorge

            Melo is now narrow minded. He has no mind…no brain. His only talent and skill is playing basketball while Lin’s not only a Harvard graduate, Lin could excel in any corporation he works as executive. I don’t think Melo can even spell.

    • Justsaying

      You give them too much credit:
      Kobe=Flank steak, not Kobe beef.
      Byron=unemployed puppet…manipulated by the owners and the NBA

  • Anonymous

    Black players in the NBA in general, treated Jeremy Lin with disrespect and racism. Starting with Carmelo. Lin has had the talent to be one of the game’s best for years but the racism from blacks in the NBA is why he hasn’t had a legit chance. Teammates often dogged him and didn’t run over to bail Lin out of a double team and stranded him to look like a fool. They did all kinds of dirty tricks to Lin on various teams at times to demean him. When he played for the Lakers, it was the worst examples. Whenever Lin was given a fair opportunity, with a team that wanted to actually win and play with Lin on that given night, Lin looked exactly like Linsanity on those evenings. A point guard cannot thrive without a team concept and everyone doing their part.

    If you analyze social media comments from black fans, they hated on Lin and said the most racist things. Often indicating during the Linsanity period that he was a fraud. Certain politically racist black people came right out and said things like “Jeremy Lin cannot play”. It was seriously disgusting. Then Carmelo Anthony directly went to the Knicks owners and got the coach fired and Lin run off the team in the offseason. Both Kobe and Carmelo committed BLATANT ASSAULTS on Lin during games. You can look up these hard fouls on youtube. They were clearly intentional and physical attacks on Lin on the court and no other larger black players would come to Lin’s aid during these attacks to protect their teammate. It says something, doesn’t it?

    • Justsaying

      Amen again!
      Shades of the HURRICANE and Jackie Robinson!!! Most won’t know both, and some won’t agree… da truth does hurt!

    • Thomas985

      Anonymous, I agree 100% with you!

    • Jorge

      Blacks hate whites and vice versa. Why blacks hates Asians is a big question. It could have something to do with drug competition. Black gangs and black drug syndicates are being challenged by Asian gangs and Chinese Triad/Mafia. Between the two, Asians are more notorious and don’t run away from a fight. Blacks are all muscles with no brain. They can’t even do math like Chinese do.


    Lakers was tanking and Kobe was collecting all points to beat MJ’s total scores.
    Lin got nothing (but cash) . Lin had no reason to enjoy playing for Lakers.

    • Jorge

      Lin was not given the chance. It was designed to make him fail. The culprits were Kobe and the coach.

    • LinFan17

      In fact Jeremy Lin really got nothing. Jeremy Lin had an unexpired contract from Rockets.

  • Jorge

    Kobe thought Lin was push over? Kobe might be a lot better and a superstar but no way Lin was a push over. Instead of supporting a new guy with potential, Kobe bulled Lin. That foul on Lin made me lose respect of Kobe after being his fan for so many years.

    • Tim Yeung

      Kobe clotheslines Lin and what does Lin do?

      Lin helps Kobe up later in the game.


      • MangDoIphy

        Despite Anthony’s trash talk on Lin, Lin still has kind words about the bully. Indeed, Lin is just too nice.

      • MangDoIphy

        After that foul by Kobe on Lin and what he said about Lin in an interview that he didn’t know Lin, I lost respect for Kobe. Look at what Lin did to Kobe when Kobe fell to the floor…Lin helped him up. That’s classy.