Jeremy Lin Gives Dota Character Names To LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Carmelo Anthony

Jeremy Lin Gives Dota Character Names To LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Carmelo Anthony
Jeremy Lin Gene Wang / Flickr cc

Jeremy Lin has a life outside the hardwood and apparently it had to something to do with video games. The 27-year-old player is a Dota fa. And based on his narration, he is pretty much hooked to the game.


The Brooklyn Nets guard was on hand at The International 6 and revealed that when time permits, he uses Dota as a means of relaxing after a tough day of basketball training. Jeremy Lin is no beginner and in fact holds a respectable 4,000 MMR, a matchmaking rating.

Jeremy Lin Dota Sign-up Depends On Schedule

The ranking is seen as enough to possibly hook him up with some Dota team though all that may depend on the time he has right now. After signing a fresh three-year deal, Lin is expected to be busy fulfilling his new role as the Nets new starting guard.

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Hence, it will all be a matter of priority for Lin. And the no-brainer decision here is that Lin will play Dota casually as any normal player likely does.

Jeremy Lin’s Favorite Dota Character?

When asked on which character best describes him, Jeremy Lin chose the “Spirit Breaker.” His reason behind it is simple – the character is reckless and possesses speed. Looking at his career so far, there is no question that Lin has both traits.

So can he be the “Spirit Breaker” of the NBA starting this 2016-17 NBA season?

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How about the ‘other guys’?

If Lin is the Spirit Breaker, do other players have potential Dota character counterparts?

Seeing how well-versed Lin is with Dota, he picked out several character names to some NBA players.

He singled out the following players together with their corresponding counterparts: Carmelo Anthony as Phantom Assassin, Steph as Curry Razor, Kobe Bryant as Juggernaut, Jason Kidd as Huskar and LeBron James as Medusa.

Realistically, the names do have a good ring and could pass as good monikers for the active players like Anthony, Curry and James.

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