Jeremy Lin To Become More Aggressive, Dangerous Under Brooklyn Nets Coach Kenny Atkinson

Jeremy Lin To Become More Aggressive, Dangerous Under Brooklyn Nets Coach Kenny Atkinson
Jeremy Lin nikk_la/ Flickr cc
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Jeremy Lin is gearing up for his return as an NBA starter with the Brooklyn Nets, a perfect scenario under the tutelage of first-year head coach Kenny Atkinson.


After a rocky journey with other teams, Lin is expected to hum with the same coach who knows him pretty well. Both worked together with the New York Knicks and if there is someone who knows how to utilize the American-Asian, Atkinson is it.

Atkinson to unleash “Linsanity 2.0”

Jeremy Lin’s performance with the New York Knicks is still fresh in the minds of many and most want to see the same level of performance, if not better.

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Atkinson believes it would be unfair for fans to lay the same expectations though no one can blame him. How can Lin falter under his watch since he knows cager’s strengths and weaknesses? In short, there is little room for disappointment though a lot falls on the shoulders of the 27-year-old guard.

Lin is aware that driving and creating situations will not be enough for him to show. He accepts the fact that he needs to be a leader.

Lin has the energy and talent to bring his teammates to the next level, something he proved last year with the Charlotte Hornets. Take note, he was a backup so the expectations as a starter have just gotten higher.

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Watch out for the Nets

If Atkinson and Lin can show up other teams, other NBA squads may want to watch out. The Nets may not be among the favorites but may spring a couple of surprises.

The NBA title may not be among their short-term goals but the playoffs are. Atkinson and Lin are more concerned about that and ponder just how far they can go.

It may be too early but that is likely the milestone that both are setting. Before that, there is the regular season to worry about. All that starts on October 26, 2016, when the Nets open the season against the dangerous Boston Celtics.

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  • Ray B

    Lin’s success will have much more to do with his usage and playing his natural position (pg) than Atkinson. Sorry but sports media/tabloid……they are really dumb.