Jeremy Lin Playing Major Role In ‘The Totally Awesome Hulk’ Marvel Series

Jeremy Lin Playing Major Role In ‘The Totally Awesome Hulk’ Marvel Series
Jeremy Lin Gene Wang / Flickr cc

There is no doubt that Jeremy Lin has become pretty popular so why not add a comic book stint to go with all that?


Such could work both ways. It will add more flavor to Jeremy Lin who has become a global phenomenon and also Marvel Comics for that matter. Imagine Lin co-starring with the big green machine, “Hulk”?

Thanks to Greg Pak, Jeremy Lin could very well be starring alongside the new superhero on “Totally Awesome Hulk”. Many may recall the ballistic superhero as the alter ego of Dr. Bruce Banner. All that changed in 2005 when the torch was passed to a new Asian, Amado Cho.

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<h2?Comic book script already with Jeremy Lin

While these seem like rumors, having Jeremy Lin star alongside Cho is already out. Pak reveals through AM New York that the storyline is already with the Lin camp.

Details have been held off for now though Pak did give a bit of a teaser. Jeremy Lin will eventually team up with Cho and the two will go as far to sport similar haircuts. As most know, Lin has carved a name for himself with his different hairstyles in the NBA.

“Our story picks up when Amadeus is kind of at a low point,” said Pak. “He’s getting notoriety, people recognize him. He eventually ends up meeting Jeremy and the two of them team up for reasons that will be revealed soon.”

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Brooke Lopez jealous

Jeremy Lin is likely to have added following through comic book readers. Ironically, he has a teammate who is into it – Brook Lopez. Being a comic book nut, it won’t be surprising if Lopez asks Lin for more details before the actual comic comes out in December.

The Brooklyn Nets are likely to benefit as well with Jeremy Lin’s new venture. The Asian-American will obviously be a big draw, especially now that he is the starting point guard (and leader?) this coming season.

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