Jeffrey Epstein Avoided Jail: Did Bill Clinton Help Pedophile Friend?

Jeffrey Epstein Avoided Jail: Did Bill Clinton Help Pedophile Friend?
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Jeffrey Epstein and his close ties  with Bill and Hillary Clinton was revealed last week. The secret ties came to light when a book by James Patterson “Filthy Rich” was released on Oct.11.


The book has been co-authored by former detective John Connolly. It revealed details of how apart from Prince Andrew, Bill Clinton and Donald Trump also has associations with the billionaire.

Epstein was sentenced to prison for soliciting prostitution from girls as young as 14. Though 40 women were said to have been “sexual victims” of the pedophile, but he managed to escape jail term with a sentence of as less as 18 months.

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However, Epstein served only 13 months in jail out of his 18 months term. Radar Online has learnt now that the former Wall Street financier “got a sweet deal from prosecutors.”

According to private police documents available with the publication, cops who had worked on the case were furious. The Palm Beach Police had conducted a comprehensive sexual battery investigation involving Epstein from March 15, 2005, through February 2006.

They gave their recommendations of possible five felony charges to the State Attorney, Barry Krischer. The latter gave Epstein a sweetheart plea deal requiring him to plead guilty to just one minor state charge soliciting a minor.

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The chief of police of Palm Beach Michael Reiter wrote to the state attorney on May 1, 2006, as per an internal memo. The attorney allegedly made the groundwork for the plea deal to protect the name of Epstein’s high-profile friends.

The police had filed the probable cause affidavit stating that “Jeffrey Epstein, who at the time of these incidents was fifty one years of age, did have vaginal intercourse either with his penis or digitally with [four minors].”

They stated that “Epstein did use a vibrator on the external vaginal area of … a fourteen year old minor.” The judge on the case seemed incredulous as she signed off on the State Attorney’s deal with the pedophile.

Circuit Judge Deborah Dale Pucillo blasted the prosecution to allow him to skip a sex offender treatment program. She questioned how instead of being in the harsher Department of Corrections, Epstein served at the country jail.

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  • SayHi2YourMom4Me

    You guys DO know, that there is a case in court, by an Epstein victim.. AGAINST DONALD TRUMP?? RIGHT NOW??
    Yeah, Donald Trump. The same guy that called his daughter a “piece of ass”, who called a 12 year old Paris Hilton “hot”, and who wondered if he could date a 10 year girl on video?? Who has been accused of sexual assult by over 10 women, and it didn’t take 100 million of taxpayer dollars to get them to come forward either?
    The same guy that would be broke multiple times over, if not for bankruptcy laws and tax breaks? The same guy that would undermine faith in Democracy itself if it benefited him, and is doing so RIGHT NOW? The same guy that would end the US if he got elected?
    Of course the guy was a Billionare in NY. Knew a lot of people. So maybe it is fit to print and maybe it isn’t. But I can’t help but notice that the article doesn’t provide a single shred of evidence, not one, for the claim made in the headline.

    • Here’s the facts. I’ve done a book on this.

      Clinton went on 26 flights on Epstein’s jet called the “Lolita Express.” There was a bed there with underage girls who supplied sex to the passengers. Most of these were long flights to nowhere. There was no reason for anyone to be on the flight except for sex. It was a brothel in the air. Since Clinton was there 26 times, he committed 26 acts of statutory rape.

      The Florida police interviewed a multitude of girls and young women who had been victims as well as a large number of other eyewitnesses in order to make their case against Epstein. No one mentioned the name of Trump. He never associated with Epstein except in normal and innocuous social contacts.

      The police investigation was well publicized and those who had been victimized by Epstein were aware that they had to come forward to make a complaint. The names of the accusers were also recorded. There are court cases still going through the mill. This woman now making her charge against Epstein and Trump had ample opportunity to go to the police with everyone else. Epstein has paid out large sums to some victims. Also if she was 13 when this so called rape happened, where were her parents? Even Epstein was not that careless to risk a kidnapping charge. Why isn’t there isn’t a police record of this? It never happened.

      I don’t want to disparage this new book done in Epstein’s name but it sounds like a typical Epstein ripoff. He’s not saying anything that’s not in the public record. My book is called: Orgy, Porgy, Puddin’ ‘N’ Pie. Bill Clinton Was There — Me, Oh, My!

      • SayHi2YourMom4Me

        “Here are the facts”
        (starts off on a long paragraph of delusional crap)
        (tries to blame the parents of Epstein’s victems as proof of .. i dunno .. )
        By the way your book title could actually be the worst written thing I may have ever read