Jeb Bush Compiles Emails In Ebook For Release In October

Jeb Bush Compiles Emails In Ebook For Release In October
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Jeb Bush is unable to defeat fellow Republicans when you look at the polls. He trails behind Donald Trump—who leads the polls—and John Kasich. Now he is compiling his emails during his tenure as the governor of Florida and if he gets lucky, he might win the hearts of Americans.


Earlier this year, Bush has already published on a website select contents of his email, a move that is yet to be followed by other presidential hopefuls. In a report from Washington Post, Bush plans on compiling in an e-book entitled “Reply All” his email correspondence during his tenure as Florida’s Governor.

According to reports, Bush’s memoir—which will go on sale in October—highlights high moments such as his veto to “more than 2,500 individual spending items” on a bill, attempts in overhauling educational system in Florida and his battle against “state’s trial lawyers lobby.”

We will prevail

On Tuesday evening, Bush’s aides released a chapter from “Reply All” to different news outlets for preview and based on initial scrutiny, the e-book “appears to be a raw, chronological recap of e-mails Bush sent and received.” The chapter released is entitled “We will prevail” and it covers the period where four hurricanes struck Florida and the times when Bush scuffled with federal and state courts for Terri Schiavo’s fate.

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Also according to reports, the publication is “mostly a workmanlike review of key moments followed by the transcripts of e-mails.”