Jay-Z And Beyoncé Found No Longer Sleeping Together As Divorce Rumors Continue

Jay-Z And Beyoncé Found No Longer Sleeping Together As Divorce Rumors Continue
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Amid divorce rumors hounding the relationship of Jay-Z and Beyoncé, recent reports claimed that the celebrity couple has not been sleeping together for months now, and that the rapper is currently adopting some strategies to keep her wife.


According to Radar Online, the 46-year-old rapper and entrepreneur, who is Shawn Corey Carter in real life, and his 34-year-old wife have been spending nights in different rooms on “opposite ends” of their home in Bel-Air since they stayed there in late 2015.

Another reason cited for the rumored stained relationship of the two artists was their busy schedule. Accordingly, they have been spending less time together because the Queen B’s hands are so full of her business and career-related commitments.

The report further hinted that the divorce rumors between Jay-Z and Beyoncé might just be true, considering that they have not been photographed together since early March.

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Meanwhile, the “well-connected insider” of the entertainment site claimed that a “red flag” has been noticed in their household recently.

“Beyonce and Jay Z initially put their entire household staff on hiatus until May,” the source reportedly dished. “But this week, they suddenly let everyone know that they won’t be needed until further notice.”

“For a couple who loves to be waited on hand and foot, this is a huge red flag,” the insider added.

In the meantime, Hollywood Life reported that the “Reasonable Doubt” artist is keen about keeping the “Crazy in Love” singer.

“Jay’s not leaving Beyonce’s sight,” a source said. “He might be in the dog house but trust, she’s got that leash around his neck.”

The insider allegedly further narrated that “He has turned into Beyonce’s b*tch.”

“He’s carrying her bags, ordering her lunches and essentially being her personal assistant to smooth things over,” the source added.

And despite the fact that Jay-Z is not used to it, he is still doing it for Beyoncé since “he wants his Queen to love him and he’s doing everything in the playbook to make her happy.”

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