Jay Cutler Trade: Chicago Bears Moving Quarterback Soon, An End Of An Era In Windy City?

Jay Cutler Trade: Chicago Bears Moving Quarterback Soon, An End Of An Era In Windy City?
Jay Cutler Mjglasgow/Wikipedia Commons CC
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The Chicago Bears seems to be doing fine with Brian Hoyer, someone who has so far impressed in lieu of an injured Jay Cutler. The 33-year-old veteran is nursing a thumb injury, a controversial one that Cutler claims is significant.


Regardless, it looks like Cutler may be on the way out soon with Hoyer proving to be a gem of a quarterback. Thus far, the 30-year-old has thrown four touchdowns without any interceptions.

Hoyer only has one fumble and seems to be doing a far better job for Coach John Fox, Sports Illustrated reported.

Will the real quarterback please stand up?

With Cutler out, Hoyer had all the chances to seal the starting quarterback position when the Chicago Bears faced the Indianapolis Colts. The Bears unfortunately lost but Hoyer’s smart plays were seen as more than enough for him to keep the starting role, ESPN reported.

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Jay Cutler is likely to return though it would not be surprising if he now plays behind Hoyer. There is no question that Chicago has done well with both quarterbacks. But now it may all boil down to pride and who Fox wants to go with.

Cutler could take exception and may want out, signalling an end of an era in Chicago. However, that is the extreme scenario in case Hoyer continues his game brilliance moving forward.

Fox and the Bears coaching staff are expected to stick with Hoyer for as long as the Bears are humming. There is no best scenario to justify a Cutler insertion for now. The only way for the vet to get his job back is if Hoyer stumbles.

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Coach Fox says that Cutler is aware of the situation and is taking it professionally well. Hoyer is the guy for now and the majority goal is to stick where the team succeeds, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

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