Jason Williams Blasts Charles Barkley For Kevin Durant Criticism

Charles Barkley was one of the many players-turned-analysts who lambasted Kevin Durant for joining the Golden State Warriors this summer. It seems like Durant has found a rare supporter in Jason Williams, who hasn’t taken kindly to Barkley’s criticism of Durant.


Williams, who won the NBA championship with Miami Heat in 2005-06, defended Durant’s decision during a Q&A session with “Did You See That?!” over the weekend.

“If I was Kevin Durant and that’s what I wanted to do, then that’s what I would’ve done. I wouldn’t have made a decision based on anybody else. Because it seems like he’s done that for 8 or 9 years now. You know you’ve gotta take care of yourself and make yourself happy at the end of the day,” said Williams when asked if he would have joined a 73-win team a year after nearly beating them in the western conference finals.

Jason Williams: Charles Barkley was a loser

Williams, known for his flamboyant passes during his 13-year career in the NBA, went as far as calling Barley “a loser” while eviscerating the Hall-of-Famer. “I mean all these guys [Charles] Barkley and them talking about oh they wouldn’t have done it, well they was never free agents back in the day…like they didn’t have the choice.”

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“Nobody wanted his ass [Barkley] on their team because he was a loser. So that’s what I think about that,” said the point guard who played for Sacramento Kings, Memphis Grizzlies, Miami Heat and Orlado Magic during his career.

In recent years, Barkley has developed a reputation of being a “Warriors hater” and few were surprised when the 1993 MVP called out Durant for picking the Golden State Warriors over five other teams in free agency.

Jason Williams isn’t far off. Ironically, Barkley was trying to chase a ring towards the latter part of his career when he forced a trade to Houston Rockets to join fellow Hall-of-Famers Hakeem Olajuwon and Clyde Drexler during the 1996-97 season. Barkley retired in 2000 without ever winning a championship. Will Durant suffer the same fate?


  • skeeterman

    H.O.F. Barkley – Williams not so much. I understand what Williams is saying but calling Barkley a “loser” was a bit much I think.

    Also it’s OrlaNdo 🙂 just a little help