Jared Fogle Ordered To Stay Away From Children, Banned From Accessing Internet

Jared Fogle Ordered To Stay Away From Children, Banned From Accessing Internet
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During his release awaiting trial, former Subway spokesperson Jared Fogle was ordered not to see any children other than this own, along with being banned from using a computer or accessing the Internet.


As part of his plea agreement, he has also been disallowed from owning pornography.

According to Daily Mail, Fogle has agreed to plead guilty to one count of travel to engage in illicit sexual conduct with a minor involving two underage prostitutes and one count of distribution and receipt of child pornography involving 12 children. He will be facing as much as 12.5 years in prison and has to register as a sex offender, and agree to seek treatment for sexual disorders.

Released, but under home detention

In addition, he also has agreed to pay $1.4 million to his 14 victims, and $500,000 in fine.

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He was given release but has been placed under home detention with electronic supervision.

The conditions set for his release include giving up all passports in his possession, reporting to a federal pre-trial agency, and not being allowed to use a computer with online access without the approval of his probation officer (his searches will be tracked), among others.

The accusations detailed in the charging document include his visits to New York City to pay for sexual encounters with minors. Moreover, he received child pornography produced by the then-director of the Jared Foundation, Russell Taylor.

It was stated by prosecutors that Fogle knew the individuals in the pornography videos and pictures he was receiving from Taylor were minors. Fogle used social media and websites featuring advertisements for escorts to hire sexual services from 2007 until late June 2015.

As part of the investigation, in excess of 159,000 text messages, 27,000 emails, 47,000 images and 3,000 videos were reviewed and assessed, authorities say.

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Fogle’s wife, Katie, seeks divorce

According to People Magazine, Fogle’s wife, Katie, said she is applying for a divorce.

In a statement, she said, “Obviously, I am extremely shocked and disappointed by the recent developments involving Jared. My focus is exclusively on the well-being of my children.”

Fogle’s immediate family released a statement, saying, “Our family is shocked and profoundly disappointed in Jared’s abhorrent criminal behavior and we are very concerned for the well being of those affected by his conduct.

“At the same time, we are gratified that Jared is accepting responsibility for what he has done by agreeing to plea guilty to the charges filed today and by volunteering to make restitution to the victims.

Katie’s and Fogle’s separation date has been set as August 19, as reported by RadarOnline.

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