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Japan Prepares To Attack Russia As Missiles Target Tokyo?

Japan Prepares To Attack Russia As Missiles Target Tokyo?
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Japan Prepares To Attack Russia As Missiles Target Tokyo?

Japan and Russia are reaching a possible conflict after Moscow decided to install missiles near the former.

According to Russia, the deployment should not affect attempts to improve ties, but Tokyo thinks otherwise. The country has promised proper response to the decision.

Japan promised Moscow that it will result to appropriate response for its decision to install anti-ship missiles on the disputed Kuril islands.

Japanese Preparing To Attack Russia

Japan has made it clear that it does not like Russia’s move, and this could put off a possible peaceful relationship between the two nations. The countries have been under a 70-year dispute over the islands. Soviets previously claimed the region located north of Japan following World War 2.

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According to Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, “from our point of view it should not in any way influence the centripetal trend which exists in our bilateral relations with Tokyo,” as quoted by Reuters. However, Japan begs to argue.

“We consider this [development] to have serious significance, and will respond in an appropriate manner, after studying the details,” the Telegraph quoted Japanese foreign minister Fumio Kishida.

Abe seconded the call saying that Russia’s decision was  “regrettable.”

Warning Vs Russia

“The four islands are our country’s inherent territory. We have conveyed through diplomatic routes that this… is not compatible with our country’s position and is regrettable,” Reuters quoted Abe as he spoke to the upper house of the parliament.

Analysts see that the two nations will be threading sensitive grounds on the matter. Russia is already against a number of nations for stirring tensions. Apart from Japan, Russia is also at odds with other Western nations.

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