‘Jane The Virgin’ Season 3 Spoilers: Michael’s Death Confirmed, Rafael To Win Jane’s Heart Again?

‘Jane The Virgin’ Season 3 Spoilers: Michael’s Death Confirmed, Rafael To Win Jane’s Heart Again?
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The last episode of the latest season of Jane The Virgin has left everyone on a Cloud 9 as Jane and Michael finally married each other after running after each other for a long time, well at least for Jane-Michael love team fans.


This is a winning moment for Michael since they were supposed to be married in Season 1 if it wasn’t because of Jane’s accidental pregnancy. As the wedding goes on, Rafael keeps his emotions inside him but he dearly loves Jane so much.

And just when things are getting exciting and sizzling in Jane and Michael’s room for their honeymoon, Michael decides to get ice outside. In the hallway, his supposed to be partner in solving the case against Sin Rostro, Susannah shot him in the chest. Susannah is Sin Rostro.

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Now the big question is,  will Michael die? If he dies, it will be a big move for Rafael to win Jane’s heart back and to be able to get the chance to build their family together.

The Jane-Michael fans would be so upset since they have been fighting for their love all this time- and Jane is set to lose her virginity to him.

According to TV Guide, Jennie Snyder Urman, Jane The Virgin’s creator, said that Jane will finally break the sheets on Season 3. Michael has supported Jane’s belief ever since, and we all waited for this day to come.

What about Rafael? What will happen to his love for Jane? Will Xiomara and Rogelio get back together as well? Jane The Virgin has always left its viewers cliffhangers that will make their emotions swoon- this is what makes them a Telenovela. The show always gets the hearts of its viewers.

Let’s all see what happens next as questions that were left unanswered will finally end on Monday, Oct. 17 at 9/8c on The CW.

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