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Jane The Virgin Season 3: Jane No Longer A Virgin, Xiamara Aborts Baby?

Jane The Virgin Season 3: Jane No Longer A Virgin, Xiamara Aborts Baby?
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Jane The Virgin Season 3: Jane No Longer A Virgin, Xiamara Aborts Baby?

The romantic dramedy, Jane The Virgin returns to CW on Monday night. It’s picking things up where it left, with the newly wed Jane, played by Gina Rodriguez, in a shock after Michael, her husband played by Brett Dier, was shot.

His death or survival is still debatable, but what’s a known fact is that either outcome will put Jane through a challenging period.

According to Yahoo TV, Jennie Snyder Urman, the creator of the show says, “This season is really about growing up as an overall theme,” and added, “There are a lot of big milestones that happen this year and a lot of youthful innocence shed.”

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Urman reveals the secret on Jane’s virginity by saying, “She will lose her virginity this year.” As the team’s work evolved through the season, the specific circumstances under which this is to happen will make it heartfelt,funny and significant.

When it comes to the title of the show as one being focused on Jane’s virginity, Urman says, “Also, we knew it wouldn’t be at the beginning of a season or as a season finale, that it would always be part of her season, because I don’t feel like our show is essentially a show about her virginity.”

The next big cracker on the show is Xiamara having to face the idea of motherhood yet again.

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Xiamara, played by Andrea Navedo, learned about her pregnancy in the finale of season 3. Although, the identity of the baby’s father remains a mystery, it could be the ex and true lover of hers, Rogelio, played by Jaime Camil, or of his nemesis Esteban, played by Keller Wortham.

What further more complicates the whole situation is that Xiamara does not want to have this kid as because it’s this idea that broke up her relationship with Rogelio.

Urman notes that, “Xo still has a great, big juicy arc this year. Obviously the first question is will she have this baby, that she has gone on record as saying she doesn’t want”. To drop in hints about a probable abortion she says, “And subsequent to that, you’re going to see her making some big decisions.”

Jane the Virgin airs Monday on The CW at 9 p.m.

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