James Franco As Jon Snow? Kit Harrington Is Just Shooting For Funeral Scene – Report

James Franco As Jon Snow? Kit Harrington Is Just Shooting For Funeral Scene – Report
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James Franco jumped in on the whole “is Jon Snow dead or alive” debate. He will play the part of Jon Snow – that is, for season two of his AOL web series “Making A Scene With James Franco.” Meanwhile, as “Jon Snow is alive” rumor swirls, a source working in the “Games of Thrones” production shoots down speculations.


James Franco as Jon Snow of Game of Thrones

The Hollywood Reporter is exclusively reporting that Franco will be Jon Snow in the next “Making A Scene With James Franco,” AOL original. In a teaser image, Franco posed wearing the signature Jon Snow costume as the Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch.

“Making A Scene With James Franco” premiered in 2014 with Franco doing “Reservoir Dogs” with “Dirty Dancing” and a part of “Taxi Driver” as a silent film. For this season, THR reported that he will do more TV shows than film impressions.

Kit Harrington filming in Belfast

Theories that dead Jon Snow will come back to life heightened as countless websites report of Kit Harrington sightings in Belfast where the TV series is filming – the latest of which is by Watchers on the Wall. A reader of the website, named Lucy, submitted photos of Harrington on a flight back to Belfast. Lucy happened to be in the same flight with Harrington.

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Jon Snow is so dead

Speaking with the Daily News, an unnamed source working in the “Games of Thrones” production said “you know we do film funeral scenes, too.” This is a logical explanation why Harrington is still in Belfast. He could also be filming for flashback scenes.

Or, as what Daily News theorizes, Jon Snow is dead. But, he will be back as another character – an incarnation of Azor Ahai. This can be hinted with the coming of the sorceress Melisandre at Castle Black in the lead up before Jon Snow’s death.

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