Next James Bond: No Agent 007 Option Better Than Daniel Craig?

Next James Bond: No Agent 007 Option Better Than Daniel Craig?
Daniel Craig – Film Premiere Spectre 007 – on the Red Carpet in Berlin / Flickr CC BY 2.0

It seems that James Bond producer Barbara Brocolli’s plan to convince Daniel Craig to reprise his role has materialized. The actor has considered doing another 007 movie. However, he has to finish his previous commitments first.


According to Showtime CEO David Nevins the “Casino Royale” actor will play James Bond again but it will depend on the producer herself. Craig has signed up to play a role in the American series, “Purity.” If Brocolli can wait till he finishes shooting for the Showtime series, then he can work for the Ian Fleming character role.

Daniel Craig To Play James Bond Once Again?

Movie News Guide reported that the series will possibly end production in 2017. It is more likely that Daniel Craig will come back for another one because his contract states so. “Spectre” was his last movie and the forthcoming one will be the completion of his contract.

One of the best Bonds in the history of the franchise has reiterated that he is done with the role as per Telegraph. He has been playing the role for decades and has been deeply known for the character. His desire to try other genres might be deferred again in case Brocolli’s team decides to wait for his available time.

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Barbara Brocolli and her team have conducted auditions for the role. But it seems she has not found someone as able as Craig. Theo James, Jamie Bell, Tom Hiddleston, and Aidan Turner were some of the actors who auditioned.

Bell and James have been reportedly turned down. Recently, there were reports saying that Taylor Swift’s current boyfriend was also turned down.

Will there be another 007 movie with Daniel Craig as the lead actor? Hopefully, an arrangement will be made as to how he will work for the movie while finishing his contracted series. Stay tuned for more James Bond updates.

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  • Gina

    Wow a story based on a one off comment from the man who runs the show Craig is doing, from three days ago. … Craig is done as Bond. Get over it. He was revolutionary in the role ten years ago. The last one was hysterically bad. All this bullshit is coming from If he wants to come back. I highly doubt he wants too now. And if he did, he himself said it would be only for the money, not the role. The story needs new life. Aidan Turner for Bond. Go watch him in And Then There Where None. As Phillip Lombard he exudes Bond.