Jake Gyllenhaal Wants ‘Fifty Shades Darker’ Dakota Johnson Back, Ready To Marry Her Now?

Jake Gyllenhaal Wants ‘Fifty Shades Darker’ Dakota Johnson Back, Ready To Marry Her Now?
Dakota Johnson Nigel Horsley / Flickr CC
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“Fifty Shades Darker” Dakota Johnson just broke up with Matthew Hitt and is even rumored to be having an affair with her co-star Jamie Dornan. This has not  put her out of her ex-love Jake Gyllenhaal’s radar though.


Reportedly, Jake Gyllenhaal is keen on reuniting with Dakota Johsnon. They broke up five years ago so this is so out of the blue.

But then second chances at love are hardly impossible these days, aren’t they? Even Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are going strong even if they broke off their engagement once!

Unfortunately, according to British Heat Magazine (via Belfast Telegraph), Jake Gyllehaal might still be pining for Dakota Johnson and wants her back now, but the “Fifty Shades Darker” star does not want him back.

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Reportedly, Dakota Johnson does not want Jake Gyllenhaal because she knows how afraid of commitment he is. Their history was painful for Dakota and she cannot bear to go through that again – dumped because Jake Gyllenhaal “panicked.”

“Even though it was just a fling, Dakota had really strong feelings for him so when he dumped her out of the blue, she was really shocked,” a source told the magazine. “But it was all because Jake freaked out, as he’s a bit of a commitment-phobe.”

The source however, revealed that Jake Gylenhaal is not one to give up easily this time. He reportedly described Dakota Johnson as the “one who got away.” He’s reportedly doing everything now to snare her once again.

This time Jake’s not taking no for an answer. “There was so much chemistry between them, when they met up, and he’s now arranged a romantic dinner for them in New York,” the source added.

Having dated Taylor Swift, Reese Witherspoon and other famous celebrities in the past, Dakota Johnson might have really struck a cord in him, and he’s now wanting her back.

It remains to be seen if they eventually reunite and marry. aftr all, Jake Gyllenhaal seems not afraid of commitment anymore.

He once told Howard Stern that he’s all grown up now and can take the idea of settling down.

“Oh, I hope to get married. I think it’s hard for everybody, man. But I also think at some point, you just decide to grow up, you know?” he told U.S. shock jock Howard Stern.

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