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Jai Courtney As Captain Boomerang Details Revealed, Metahuman Fight Teased

Jai Courtney As Captain Boomerang Details Revealed, Metahuman Fight Teased
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Jai Courtney As Captain Boomerang Details Revealed, Metahuman Fight Teased

“Suicide Squad’s” Captain Boomerang played by Jai Courtney was one of the funniest characters in the movie. However, every DC comic fan would know that his M.O suggests him to be untrustworthy even among criminal.

While there’s a lot to know about the Suicide Squad members, the movie unfortunately didn’t give us full details on their abilities and character details. Finally, ARGUS has decided to give access to the entire documented reports of Captain Boomerang.

Recently, the official Twitter account of “Suicide Squad” tweeted that “Your ARGUS access level has increased.” Fans can check it out below.

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The tweet also contained a link directing fans to the ARGUS website. The page contained various files along with “TASKFORCE_X.” Unfortunately, the other documents were blocked from access titled as “RESTRICTED.”

Currently, the “TASKFORCE_X” only provides access to files belonging to Captain Boomerang. Rest of the characters like Harley Quinn and Deadshot are still restricted.

The Captain Boomerang files opens with a mugshot of Jai Courtney as the villain. Furthermore, it also has Surveillance, Weapons, Criminal Records and Audio clip. Fans interested in knowing more details about him can click here.

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In the audio clip, fans can here Amanda Waller provide details about Captain Boomerang. Before ending her recording, she mentions that “He tangled with a Metahuman and lived to tell about it.”

It looks like Amanda Waller is mentioning Captain Boomerang’s confrontation with The Flash in ‘Suicide Squad’ movie. Although the film just gave us glimpse of the action sequence, it established their rivalry.

In the “Suicide Squad movie,” [SPOILERS] Captain Boomerang played by Jai Courtney was brought down by The Flash during a bank robbery. Later, the villain was captured by Argus and was recruited for the Taskforce.

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