Jaden Smith: Will Smith Son Made Up Own Death? He Enjoys People’s Reactions?

Jaden Smith: Will Smith Son Made Up Own Death? He Enjoys People’s Reactions?
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Jaden Smith has been in the news headlines recently. The reports were alarming when they first hit the tabloids. He was allegedly gunned down. Another report says he committed suicide because of Sara Snyder’s cheating acts with her ex-boyfriend. The Smith family debunked all the stories about the “Karate Kid.”


According to Morning Ledger, there is a possibility that the death stories were orchestrated by the young actor himself. His girlfriend’s infidelity has nothing to do with the rumors. Despite the denial from his camp, the death hoax continues in the Internet.

The “After Earth” actor previously revealed that he wanted to disappear from the spotlight for good when he reaches the age of 30. As the son of famous parents, he has been in the spotlight since he was on his stroller.

Jaden Smith revealed that he wants to make a difference in the world. Upon his planned absence, MTV shared that he wants to work towards “just fixing the whole planet Earth.” In an interview when he was asked what he will be 10 years after, his answer was “Gone.” He also added that nobody will know where he is, who he is with, and what he is doing.

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He also revealed that he loves to post his thoughts on his social media accounts. He wants to be different and has that pleasure in posting something and be amused of peoples’ reactions.

The young Smith made a huge difference in the fashion world when he modeled for Louis Vuitton’s spring-summer women’s line. He wants to promote fluidity in dressing and pull down barriers.

The false stories about his death that surpassed all celebrity hoaxes seem to point that he might have tested peoples’ reactions. His plan of disappearing for unknown reasons is hard to comprehend. In his young mind, thinking about exiting the high life is questionable.

What is Jaden Smith up to? Whether he will be gone when he reaches the age of 30 is a thing to watch out a decade from now.

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